Did Jimmy Page Scrap Led Zeppelin Reunion?

Harvey Weinstein alleges against guitarist in new interview.

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Since Led Zeppelin reunited for a one-off concert in 2007, many have hoped that the group will return to the stage again. And, while the press has reported that it is front man Robert Plant who has stood in the way of a full blown Zeppelin return, recent comments from producer Harvey Weinstein have suggested that guitarist and band leader Jimmy Page might actually be the fly in the group's ointment.

As Huffington Post reports, the Hollywood bigwig, who was instrumental in organizing last year's 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy benefit, offered an unflattering account of Page during a recent Q&A. According to Weinstein, it was Page, and not Plant, who turned down the offer for Led Zeppelin to perform at the benefit concert, describing the guitarist's lawyer as "Satan:"

"We get an OK from Plant if Page will do it ... Jimmy Page doesn't want to do it ... Jimmy Page's lawyer... Maybe he works for Satan? Maybe he is Satan?"

Weinstein then enlisted both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to ask Jimmy to reform the band for the charity event. According to Huffington Post, the film producer noted with "barely concealed rage" that the guitarist even said no to U.S Presidents:

"Jimmy Page struck out Obama and Bill Clinton. That will live on in infamy."

The allegations come after Robert Plant hinted that he might be up for a Led Zeppelin reunion after all. When asked about the state of the band back in February, the singer, typically known for not wanting to reform the group, cryptically responded "I've got nothing to do in 2014."

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    If he doesn't want to reunite, then leave him alone. Already did it once before, why should he be demonised for not wanting to do it again?
    Chill, he's not obliged, people just wanted it because Led Zeppelin rocks.
    I completely agree. If Obama and Clinton really did try to talk him into it, fck both of them for trying to use their supposed power to coerce him into doing something he didn't want to.
    How is asking someone to do something coercion? I don't think you understand what that word means.
    Carl Hungus
    Don't be ignorant. It was going to be a charity gig for crying out loud. They asked him on the basis that all of the proceeds would go to the Hurricane Sandy relief. "Fuck them for coercion" you say. Why? Because they wanted to help people who desperately needed it.
    Anybody that believes that story that 2 presidents even got involved is seriously kidding themselves....
    ZOSO <(")
    Exactly! They'll reunite again when/if they want to. Leave them the **** alone about it.
    Exactly. Robert Plant lives in my city. That doesn't mean that I'm going to be a dick and ask him about a Zeppelin reunion if ever get the chance to see him.
    Harvey Weinstein was a concert promoter here is Buffalo NY for years in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s years before he went to Hollywood. This is typical Weinstein baloney spewed when he does not get what he wants.....
    So he doesn't want to do it, So what? Yes it's certainly a shame but hell it's their band and if one member doesn't want to do it then that's for them to decide. Also, why should he care about whether he turned down US presidents or not? Amazingly he wasn't born in the US and might not feel the compulsion that American artists might.
    He should do it, Led Zeppeling rocks, and problems are meant to be solved.
    So he didn't want to do a benefit concert? No big deal, he has no obligation.
    Not to mention, nobody wants a reunion if it's only gonna be 3 or 4 songs. If you're gonna get back together, you've gotta do it right.
    Really? What about Pink Floyd at Live 8? I was pretty happy that happened. Speaking to your comment that nobody wants a reunion of only 3-4 songs. Yes, I'd rather see more, but 3-4 would be great to see them live.
    Leave the man alone. If they come back, great, if not oh well. Sure it would be cool to see them live but they don't owe us anything.
    Jimmy Page turning down US presidents is infamy? I think it's awesome. What is so special about US presidents that people have to dance to their tune.
    Let's not forget that the US do belong in a World of their own, called paradise, where everything is wonderfull and perfect, and the fact that TWO US PRESIDENTS (if it were any other president from anything else it would be fine) were ignored means that Jimmy Page himself should be sentenced to death row. I wonder who might be the man who'll finally end this and just convince the US that they don't actually own the World.
    You read waaaayyyy too much into that comment from the article. I think he said US Presidents because Clinton and Obama are... US Presidents...
    You're a complete moron if you think everyone from the United States think exactly the same way. Why are comment sections full of immature prejudice morons?
    Mad? I will admit though, we have our share of problems. In fact, I believe we're steadily sliding into the shi**er as we speak. Oh and ps, Obama and Clinton can both kiss my fat ass. would reject them too if I was Jimmy Page
    I hope this Weinstein guy slips on a banana skin and falls head-first down a well. What a ****.
    "Jimmy Page might actually be the fly in the group's ointment." The... the what?
    How dare a man have the right to do or not do what he wants? I say we burn him at the stake! He's a witch and his lawyer is Lucifer!
    That picture in upper righthand corner is perfect for the article. Fuck you, for wanting me to do stuff for free. And **** you Presidents. I shaped to world in my time, you only destroyed it. Fuck it, i'm still a philantropist.
    The article makes it sound almost like, it's not even Page that doesn't want to do it. But rather, Page's lawyer is telling him not to. If that's the case, bummer for all of us.
    I think it would be AWESOME if they headlined their own festival just once a year...It would be sold out in the first 5 minutes!!!
    He said no to doing the benefit concert. Maybe a REUNION reunion is still in order?
    I just want to see him play before one of us dies. No puff daddy though. Shit id be ok with The Firm reunion.
    Zeppelin should not reunite. One show was cool but judging by Jimmy and Robert's performance on it, a full blown tour would be a bad idea.
    Jimmy doesn't want to play for War criminals? GOOD!
    War criminals? For what? Waterboarding a bunch of psychopathic towelheads? Or wanting to step in against a psychotic dictator who gases his own people? I will have to be honest though, not sure if this Syria thing is such a bright idea.
    This reunion just ain't happening. Let this train pass already guys, I love Zepp but there's a lot of new good bands out there.
    I wouldn't do jack sh*t if either Clinton or Obama asked me. Page is fantastic for turning down those two bozos. It has nothing to do with him being British and the other two being American. Perhaps he, like so many of us Americans, can't stand those two Presidents. To boot, what do we know about Harvey Weinstein? Maybe he is a first class d*ck and Page wants nothing to do with him.
    Good. Fuck Led Zeppelin and all their brainwashed fanboys. Newsflash to rest of earth: They are the original cock-rockers and Jimmy Page is literally a pedophile. Fuck dat
    Yeah, keep listening to your regurgitated metal and pop "punk." Try using your brain and thinking for yourself.
    The only reason I wish Led Zeppelin would do a tour is because rock music needs someone on top that can make some waves right now. They could influence a whole new generation and inspire them to learn an instrument and start a rock band and hopefully get rock back on it's feet again
    Really who cares. At this point they're senior citizens. They're not going to sound as good as they would in the 70s/80s. The ship has sailed. Just enjoy what those 4 youthful musicians gave us in the 70s
    I seriously doubt Obama and Clinton called up Jimmy Page and pleaded with him to get the band back together.
    For Frith's sake, am I the only person who'd be happy with Celebration day being the last word?
    I really wish bands like Zeppelin and Queen would stop trying to continue, and I wish people would stop bugging them to. They've both lost absolutely crucial bandmembers, and trying to go on is absurd. May and Page are both insanely talented guys, I want some solo records, or some sort of outside project.
    TBH Zeppelin lost their drummer, yeah Bonham was amazing at the time and had a really heavy hand and foot making his drums super loud, but his son fills in amazingly and frankly with today's drummers plenty people could fill in really well. Even when Dave Grohl played the drums for the Page/Jones cameo at Wembley it sounded great. Jimmy has been working on a solo album for something like ten years now, I believe it is supposed to drop in 2014.
    First off Jimmy is British you could try and get Clinton and Obama to persuede him; however it seems like a fruitless attempt if British people can't get him to change his mind. Gotta remember just because you are the president or former president doesn't mean international people will like or respect them. Secondly what the hell was the whole part about the lawyer working for or being satan? Did this reporter just cut their baby teeth? the majority of lawyers are crooked and criminal, hell its the best way to get a criminal off the hook. I know Jimmy is also working on some solo stuff at the moment that he has been working on for a while with rumors its coming out next year.
    That picture in upper righthand corner is perfect for the article. Fuck you, for wanting me to do stuff for free. And **** you Presidents. I shaped to world in my time, you only destroyed it. Fuck it, i'm still a philantropist.
    All this foolish talk about attorneys and all the bantering back and forth about who's not going to reunite and why...How about a pure-heartfelt tour, as a tribute for the 5th member...Peter Grant.....the man and manager who ferociously pushed this band out into the limelight. Now that's a GREAT reason to make a new CD and do 1 last final tour....so cut the "red tape" excuses and do it. There has never been a tribute tour in the appreciation of the great Peter Grant.....and you can call the final CD...."Wish Granted".....your welcome.