Did Watkins' Star Status Help With Abuse Rampage?

Police probe into why disgraced Lostprophets singer was not caught sooner.

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Fears that Ian Watkins escaped justice for years because of his celebrity status will be investigated as part of a wide-ranging police inquiry, Classic Rock reports.

Seven police officers have been served with gross misconduct notices as part of the Independent Police Complaints Commission's investigation into how allegations against the disgraced Lostprophets frontman were handled.

Watkins was jailed for 29 years in 2013 for a string of serious sexual offences against children. He admitted the attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13, conspiring to rape a child, three counts of sexual assault involving children, seven involving taking, making or possessing indecent images of children and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal.

Now South Yorkshire Police, Bedfordshire Police and South Wales Police are to be investigated over the question of whether he should have been caught sooner.

IPCC commissioner Jan Williams says: "We are continuing to gather and analyse information in all three investigations in order to establish what steps were taken by police in response to the allegations made against Ian Watkins, whether he could have been brought to justice sooner and whether his celebrity status had any impact on those investigations."

The inquiry will look at complaints about South Yorkshire Police's handling of three reports made in 2012 which contained potential evidence of Watkins' crimes. It will also investigate how Bedfordshire Police dealt with an allegation of child abuse against the musician the same year.

A statement from Bedfordshire Police said that, at the time of the complaint, there was insufficient evidence that any crime had taken place, concluding: "A medical examination of the child did not reveal any evidence of abuse at that time."

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    29 years? Pretty light sentence when you consider the details of what he did and planned to do, in addition to his reaction to everything. That's the definition of a person who is dangerous to society and deserves no chance at rehabilitation. 29 years is a joke.
    Aye, 29 years in prison as a baby rapist will be a breeze...
    Unfortunately they usually keep child molesters and predators away from normal convicts otherwise they'd have a rough time
    Well guys, let's put it like this..He surely won't be bored there, 'cause you know, like eazy-c hinted..convicts like him are very popular in all activities..
    Personally, seeing as he's most likely ****ed up those kid's childhoods and potentially their entire lives, he should get as much time as they suffer in their lives. So basically, until he's dead. 29 years is not enough
    we can only hope at such a young age those kids forget what happened, especially when they dont even understand what was going on. the only long term part is the fact they will probably never meet their real mothers (but that happens a lot of the time in other cases anyway)
    he got an addition 6 years to that on extended license. the only mitigating factor is that he got permission from the mothers to do this; he didn't steal them or anything. but still a vile piece of shit. i do like a bunch of lostprophets songs, he had some good songs and singing ability but music talents aside he's a sick monster
    No chance at rehab? So what, we should give him the death penalty? It's the 21st century republicans, ****ing barbarians.
    yeah and there should be no place for pedophiles or rapists in this world.
    You DO understand the justice system is not about punishment but rehabilitation right. The point of it is not to remove all who do evil but to enable them to once again be a productive member of society. This is generally why many jails have work placement schemes and therapy. The thing that is wrong with the justice system is everyone seems to have forgotten this.
    I think the bigger problem is that you seem to view all criminals as deserving of rehabilitation. Don't you believe some crimes are so abhorrent that rehabilitation is simply not warranted and undeserved? I'm not talking about dangerousness here either, I just mean deservedness. Aren't there certain that simply don't deserve a second chance?
    Crimes like this are clearly the result of some kind of mental illness. But raping people and killing for money, jealousy etc is not.
    At some point, the mental illness defense needs to go the way of the Dodo. Even most retarded people know right from wrong. Mentally ill or not, people like this know the difference, and know the ramifications of their actions, the effect it will have on a child long-term, etc... Smegal says the problem is that everyone has forgotten the justice system is for rehab. The REAL problem is the idea of the justice system being for rehab! Non-violent crimes yes, but prison time for offenses like this should be punishment-based. So many bleeding heart liberals then complain that this type of punishment only makes a person worse for when they get out. Well, don't f*cking let them out! I believe in second and third chances if you haven't committed some act that is not somehow redeemable. But in cases like child molestation, murder of an innocent, etc... you can not make up for what you've done. Withering away alone forever is the only action that can come anywhere close.
    I'm not saying it shouldn't get them out of a punishment, of course they should be punished. The reason why some people molest kids or become serial killers is because they can't tell right from wrong for those specific things.
    I'm not saying it shouldn't get them out of a punishment, of course they should be punished. The reason why some people molest kids or become serial killers is because they can't tell right from wrong for those specific things.
    It would be about right if he had done it, it's actually a very harsh sentence given their cases didn't prove he had done it prior conclusively.
    Wasn't it filmed? If so that's pretty solid in terms of proof. That or a ploy by a terrifyingly ****ed up Pixar employee with a hatred of the Lost Prophets and years of experience working with CGI.
    He did watch and record a woman abusing her own baby on skype so it's not harsh.
    That doesn't really mean HE is an abuser, and there was only a video, they cant prove he watched it. I have heard of a few viruses that download things so unless they can place him on video, watching the video, I can't take that as concrete evidence. (Im a stickler for details)
    You're a paedophile enabler. Go back to NAMBLA.
    link no1
    I don't see why he what benefit he would have from joining the 'North American Marlon Brando Look-Alike' club.
    Well excuse me for wanting solid evidence that is irrefutable. Im not an enabler, i'd restrict him heavily while under investigation, without giving his name until a verdict reached. Innocent until proven guilty, and being a man of science I like evidence to be concrete, allegorical evidence is nothing to me and weak evidence needs substantial corroboration which I haven't seen sufficiently during the case against him.
    You're joking right?? He had TERABYTES of child pornography on his computer and there's countless evidence that he tried to arrange meeting spots in order to molest children. Try harder.
    The problem with ANY evidence gained from a computer is proving one person is responsible for whats on it. Even password protection can't be a valid argument. Anyone can access the computer, physically or remotely. The most concrete evidence they could have gotten before releasing his name is a sting. Get him on film trying to set it up to an undercover officer, you know something irrefutable that proves conclusively it is him solely trying to do this, that cannot be attributed to anyone else.
    The password to his laptop, when cyber intelligence teams cracked it, was "I fuk kidz" or something like that. There is tons and tons of evidence out there that proves his guilt with very little doubt, including people making these allegations years before his arrest and the media furore, just google it.
    Please read all the other articles on this.. there's plenty of evidence. Either you were too lazy to read all the details or you haven't actually read the evidence. If you are a stickler for details, please read the related articles (not just on UG) about Watkins. Most of it is there.
    I have done so, that is why i'm stating this. All the evidence I have seen I could rationale as not conclusive. Is damning there is so much I agree, but nothing that says without any doubt. When you break it down with logic you can see all the evidence is circumstantial in a scientific context. Allegorical evidence is meaningless, prior investigations found no evidence to support the cases, including a medical examination of a party. I'm not saying he is innocent, He pled guilty after 8 months in jail, in isolation and suicide watch after all. I only said that 29 years is harsh without having been proven to have molested a child, conspiracy to should not hold the same sentence as having done so.
    you could be getting into this a little to much man. Frankly i think he needs his dick chopped off and locked away in the most miserable environment for the rest of his life but i do see what your trying to say. Some of the supposed evidence could be "he said she said" crap but most of its legit as ****. And surely there is some stuff the police dont tell the media. We mostly only hear about conclusions of investigations like "this was found on his computer" no how it was found or the nature of it or whatever. but yea he is a **** and should **** off and have a shit time in jail.
    I agree the amount is damning and there is likely some evidence that proves it without a doubt, but it would be nice if they released it if they did...
    From what i've read regarding sexual abuse, is that most of the times the criminal makes the victim feel guilty, that somehow is their fault, that telling the truth will do more damage to the victim, i bet that a lot of watkins' victims felt that way and that his fame empowered him. that being said i feel sorry for the victims because they must have felt alone and guideless because of that bastard. =/
    Absolutely stupid question. Of course, hence the one mother who did things with her child for him on cam just because she was a fan.
    I think it's more about how did it affect the investigation, rather than how did it facilitate his crimes.
    I think this might make me a bad person but I really hope he gets bummed repeatedly in prison, unless he enjoys getting bummed.
    Typically child molesters just get turned into pincushions if they're not in protective solitary.
    Do we really need paedo-news on here? He's not relevant to this site anymore. No one wants to hear about him. Ditch him.
    Well... unless he hangs himself in prison, or something like that, I wouldn't mind hearing about it, and I'm sure others wouldn't mind hearing about it too. This article is, however, slightly redundant.
    so, the question is whether the women wouldve handed over their babies to any random dude or did his rockstar status help their decision? Of course his rockstar status had influence on those stupid parents minds! Fans who hold crushes on these people would sometimes do crazy shit Just think, if Justin bieber said "I wll meet any girl who cuts off their pinky" how many would do it? Way too many. Rockstar status has a deep influence in these stupid things.
    normally I would believe 29 years s enough for anyone to repent, but screw this guy. HE TRIED TO RAPE A BABY! He also had a habit of pedophilia and bestiality apparently. He doesnt deserve to ever leave jail, especially with all the money that will be waiting for him when he gets out.
    Obviously it did... Money and fame can do horrible things to people. Money and fame can give already horrible people opportunities that they may not normally have. There's really no need for this guy to EVER get out of prison. Honestly, what good could he possibly be to the rest of the people on the planet?
    Is this even a question, was there ever any doubt about this matter?