Dido Pulls Out Of Brit Awards

artist: Dido date: 02/06/2004 category: music news
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Dido has pulled out of all her forthcoming schedule, including the Brit Awards. The successful singer announced today (February 5) that she will spend the next month "on writing and rehearsing for her forthcoming world tour". She said: "The last year has been absolutely fantastic for me. However, the continual commitment to events, promotion and TV appearances has meant that any time for being creative has been non-existent. I'm therefore really excited to be clearing the decks and making space to write and record. "I've also been desperate to get out on the road and this now means that I will finally be able to make that a reality. Although I'll be sorry to miss all the fun and celebrations at the Brits, I look forward to seeing everyone on tour soon." Tour dates will be announced shortly.
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