Dillinger Escape Plan Guitarist Breaks Hand

The guitarist still joined the band for their Orion performance by sitting at the side and reading a magazine.

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Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman has broken his hand, forcing him to sit at the side of the stage at their Orion Music festival performance at the weekend.

Now they've been forced to cancel their summer European tour because of the damage to his hand and wrist.

Discussing their wild live shows with the Inside the Circle Pit radio show (via Blabbermouth), Weinman said: "We just like t have complete free expression and try not to go too far and kill anybody or ourselves. But we think there needs to be bands out there who consider the live performance as part of their art and their expression."

In a statement after his accident, Weinman said: "I'm heartbroken that we will miss these shows because we were all looking forward to them a great deal," Weinman said. "Obviously nobody likes being injured. I'm looking forward to performing on Summer Slaughter at full capacity and we will be back in Europe this fall on our headlining tour."

See Weinman sitting side-stage during Dillinger's Orion Festival performance:

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    Amazing! (not the fact that he broke his hand, just the way he dealt with it) Love this band
    Damn, what a sight to see! You're at Orion and f*cking headbanging and moshing to Dillinger and the guitarist with the broken hand is casually lounging at the side reading a book. Nevertheless, I do feel incredibly sorry for the guy and I hope he gets better soon.
    I was 50ft away from him. He didn't just sit there the whole time. He even dove into the crowd, and was very entertaining the whole time. He also did some backing vocals.
    I don't understand why they don't just get a guitarist to fill in while he recovers?
    that's a question you can answer if you've ever seen Dillinger. Not very many guitarists can put on an insane show where you're climbing on rafters and jumping in the crowd while still not missing a note.