Dillinger Escape Plan: 'You Can Be an Uncompromising Artist and Still Make a Business Out of It'

"You have to think like an entrepreneur in order to succeed," Ben Weiman points out.

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Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weiman touched on an interesting subject of making it in the music industry, insisting that in order to reach success, having an entrepreneurial spirit comes as a crucial point.

Chatting with Soundwave TV, Ben explained, "Even if you do have a manager, you still have to be savvy enough and think like an entrepreneur in order to succeed, you have to."

Focusing on the essence of the message he's trying to convey, Weiman added, "You can be a true uncompromising artist and still make a business out of it. I wake up every day and don't feel like I'm going to work. You know, I wake up every day and create. And I'm doing what I feel like I was put on this earth to do and that's just such an amazing thing.

"But I do think there's a responsibility with that," the guitarist pointed out. "I really believe that creating - I don't wanna get all serious - but like, let's get serious for a second. I really feel like a true artist should be like a parent and should give birth to ideas for the right reasons - to express emotions with people that you feel like you're on the same page with. Like having a child that will be birthed into the world with a best possible chance of making an impact on the world."

Dillinger Escape Plan are currently busy touring and promoting their latest studio effort "One of Us Is a Killer." You can check out the full chat below.

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    DEP has a sound all their own. Even if it is not your flavor, I suggest giving them a listen just to broaden your horizons.
    These guys are amazing, and hands down one of the most avant-garde groups of the last decade or so. Mad props to for making it so far now with the kind of music they play.
    The Spoon
    Love these guys, but could UG have used a more awkward picture of Ben Weinman? He looks like he's waiting in line for the bathroom.
    They always **** up the thumbnails. Whoever posts the articles here is one hell of a piss taker.
    Saw them opening for Mastodon, don't get the hype around them, wasn't particularly impressed....
    I think you'd have a really hard time enjoying them live if you'd never heard them, or not heard much, before. They are pretty inaccessible though and I think a lot of people like them for that alone. Personally I find some of their stuff unlistenable but a good half of their work is, to me at least, excellent.
    if you have any interest in trying to get into them One of Us Is the Killer is definitely the best place to start.
    I agree. I listened to "One of us is the Killer" not too long ago, and I do not get all the hype. Not saying they are not talented, just wasn't my cup-o-tea.
    I can't stand them, tried buying a couple of albums and listening to them, wasn't worth the money honestly. I don't get why people like them, maybe its just me.
    I get why many people are put off by their music, but in my opinion, they are one of the best bands out there.
    I think part of it is They're so technical, that without being familiar with some of their songs, as soon as you figure it out and start banging your head they change it up. Maybe... I think they're fantastic but you're allowed to not like things.
    I don't think it's so much that they're incredibly technical (because bands like Dream Theater manage to pull massive crowds), it's more the fact that their sound is incredibly abrasive and avant-garde, it's on the John Coltrane and Sun Ra level of insanity. I personally think they're one of the best bands of the past 20 or so years, but I can get why other people wouldn't like them.
    Coolest band name in the business but I personally can't get into the majority of the music at all..
    He's right, I guess. Also, if you consider how hard it is for a rock/metal band to make some good money today (exceptions aside), some marketing here and there can help. It's only a problem when you leave music behind and make a souvenir shop out of your band, in my eyes.
    These guys are amazing, and hands down one of the most avant-garde groups of the last decade or so. Mad props to for making it so far now with the kind of music they play.
    It's not that it's atonal or anything but that is true (the inaccessibility. It's odd how SikTh, for example,were more "out there" but infinitely easier to listen to than DEP. Some of DEP's songs are absolutely fantastic in their own right.
    Great band and he's absolutely right. Work hard, make good music and make the best business decisions you can. Bands can piss and moan all they want "poor me, I'm not a millionaire yet/anymore!" but artists like DEP are proof that if you've got a quality product and work hard and work smart you can have a very lucrative career while also not compromising integrity.
    I remember when I went to their show and they said "you can buy our cds over there unless you already stole the music from us and in that case you're ****ing pigs". Good stuff.
    First time I saw them the voiceman (Greg?) saw a group of not so hardcore looking girls in the front row and proceeded to push one of the huge speakers hanging from the cieling like a kid on a swing right over their heads. It was funny cause I wasn't the one in fear of getting crushed. Great show
    Dillinger is polarizing because they don't cater to the mainstream, all the while embodying what Rock music is all about;Shock, awe, and a full blown experience. Listen to Calculating Infinity and then ponder what you've done with your life.