Dillinger Guitarist on Today's Metal: 'I Don't Want to Watch Dudes Masturbate, I Want Music to Convey Emotions'

artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan date: 04/02/2014 category: music news

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Dillinger Guitarist on Today's Metal: 'I Don't Want to Watch Dudes Masturbate, I Want Music to Convey Emotions'
Sharing his thoughts on the state of metal and hardcore scene in 2014, Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman described the current situation as somewhat of a "recession."

Chatting with Premier Guitar, Ben noted, "We're in a bit of a recession. The first 10 years of the millennium were fertile for intelligent, thought-provoking music from bands like Mastodon, Botch, and Converge.

"But then the copycat bands got bigger and found a way to blend that with a more commercial sound and make money off it," the guitarist continued. "Also, everybody is a well-trained guitar player - everybody can play circles around me. But what impressed me when I was young were bands that didn’t focus on schooling or theory. I liked the bands that experimented and just ripped up stuff. People have tons of chops, but no songwriting ability."

Focusing on what most of today's guitarists lack, Weiman explained, "It's all about how fast you can play, how far you can tweak your time signatures. When you've got that mindset, the rabbit hole you can fall down is very deep and very difficult to get out of.

"I don't want to watch dudes masturbate," he added. "I want music to convey emotions. Watching somebody shred is kind of awesome for a minute, but then it's tedious and boring. I've seen enough of that with young bands. It's out of control. Nuance is dying in our genre, but not in others. That's why I pay attention to the larger music world when I'm looking for something new to inspire me to write."

In related news, Ben showed just what an awesome guy he is, discussing the delicate art of farting, diarrhea and pooping your pants upside down with a little boy, making the kid chuckle like mad. It's a must-see, check it out below via Little Punk People.

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