Dimmu Borgir: Not A 'Pure' Black Metal Band

artist: Dimmu Borgir date: 11/15/2010 category: music news

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Norwegian symphonic metal act Dimmu Borgir is not a pure black metal band, the group's frontman recently said. In an interview conducted by Allison Stewart of the Chicago Tribune, frontman Shagrath (real name Stian Tomt Thoresen), told the paper that Dimmu Borgir did not invent the symphonic black metal genre, as some think, and that the group is not a pure black metal act. We've always been a band that incorporated symphonics into our music, he said. We've never been a pure black metal band. But the band Emperor was doing that stuff before we did, so we can't take credit. Further, Shagrath, whose name stems from the demonic Orc from Lord of the Rings, answered a number of other questions. One of which was what is it about Norway that allows so many black metal bands to flourish? Mainly it's a way of thinking. It could be environment, he said. We live in a very dark country where we have a lot of snow. It's a small country but a lot of bands are able to think outside the box, and not be copycats. Lastly, Shagrath was asked to explain why he believes Dimmu Borgir is the best black metal group out there. He answered with great strength. Why we are the best? Dimmu Borgir is a band that sticks out from the masses in the world of underground music, he said. We incorporate a lot of different stuff, everything from classic music to heavy metal, thrash metal, black metal, death metal. No matter what kind of music you like, you're always able to find something in our music. We also have our visual side, something more theatrical, more interesting. For a full transcript of the interview, check out the Chicago Tribune page.
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