Dinosaur Jr. Reunion

artist: Dinosaur Jr. date: 03/29/2011 category: music news
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Sebadoh singer/guitarist Lou Barlow says he plans to tour and record again with J Mascis as Dinosaur Jr. The Sub Pop label is releasing a double-disc expanded version of Sebadoh's 1994 album "Bakesale" in June, and Barlow will also reunite with former Dinosaur Jr. bandmate Mascis for a series of shows to play 1998's Dinosaur record, "Bug". "We'll do that for a month, and then I'm going to continue to do Sebadoh after that. Then at the end of the year, there's talk of getting back together and starting to piece together a new Dinosaur record", Barlow told Rolling Stone. "I'm not going to work for two months and just write songs, and see what I come up with. Hopefully, that will be fodder for a Dinosaur Jr. record, maybe a Sebadoh record, and maybe a solo record, too." Barlow first split from Dinosaur Jr. in the aftermath of "Bug"'s release in the late '90s. He and Mascis have since worked together on 2007's "Beyond". Thanks for the report to Michael Leonard, Gibson.com.
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