Disabled Music Fans Find Disadvantage When Attending Gigs, Study Finds

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Disabled Music Fans Find Disadvantage When Attending Gigs, Study Finds
A new study shows that disabled music fans feel disadvantaged when booking and attending gigs. For the past two months, the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazers charity has been asking 100 disabled music fans what was good and and about both booking tickets and seeing their favorite bands live. The results are a disappointment to equal rights campaigners and ticket sellers alike: 77 percent say they feel a "substantial" disadvantage compared to their able-bodied counterparts, and half said they've had a stressful experience booking tickets or missed out on buying them completely because of their disability, according to NME. Half again said that venue facilities like toilets and bars were never up to scratch for their needs. Now the charity is urging the live music industry to make changes so that disabled music fans can have the same access and rights as other music fans, and will meet with the UK government to discuss making these changes as soon as possible. "There is no doubt that many venues have made significant headway in improving their facilities for disabled customers. However, we want to see the creation of an online booking option for all disabled music fans at live venues and more inclusive venue designs to ensure that disabled people can sit with more than one friend or assistant without compromising the view of the stage or their ability to enjoy a performance," said Bobby Ancil on behalf of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Trailblazers charity. What do you think? Could more be done to help disabled fans make it into music venues? Share your ideas and concerns here.
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