Disturbed Finds New Bassist

Former Union Underground bassist John Moyer has been officially selected as the replacement bassist for Fuzz.

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As reported yesterday, former Union Underground bassist John Moyer has been officially selected as the replacement bassist for Fuzz. An official statement regarding Moyer's addition to the line-up was posted at the band's official website, www.disturbed1.com, and reads as follows:

"Disturbed have filled the highly coveted bass player position left vacant since the departure of Steve "Fuzz" Kmak last year. After an exhaustive search, John Moyer of Austin, TX has been tapped to hold down the bottom end for the Chicago based hard rockers. Moyer was most recently the bass player in the rock band The Union Underground.

The timing is good for Moyer, as the band is in Chicago writing the follow-up to their platinum selling "Believe", which was released on Reprise in the fall of 2002. The disc, now considered the new standard bearer for modern metal music, debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and continues to turn a new plethora of rock fans into Disturbed belivers."

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    1st. Good choice, Union Underground weren't a bad act. He'll have a tough job following Fuzz tho. Let's hope the album rocks - not a massive Disturbed fan, but enjoy some of their stuff
    They should find another frontman instead..
    they should just stop making music, or w/e the hell you call that shit.
    Even with all the negative bullship being said about disturbed ya gotta love the fact that metal is experiencing a resurgence. I haven't heard so many people talking about Heavy Metal since the early to mid 80's. Metal is back! Boy&Girly bands are taking a backseat.
    like the darkness...riiight...didn t you read the article where david told the darkness to ***koff because they put disturbed down..i liked the sickness a bit more because it was a little on the violent side..fuzz gets mixed up with dan because fuzz was always trying to be like dan
    I like disturbed and I think they will get beter with new adition to the band. Cant wait for the new album, got the last 2 albums and both ROCK!!!
    HEY THE NEW BASSIST'S NAME SOUNDS EXTREMELY LIKE JOHN MAYER, WHO IS A POP/ROCK SOLO SINGER! THATS PRETTY IRONIC. HOPE NOBODY GETS THE 2 CONFUSED. GOOD LUCK TO HIM, THOUGH. Also, I wonder if the new album will sound anything like Believe. The Sickness was real heavy, and Believe had awesome themes. they should combine them together. I wonder if they'll make anything like "Darkness".
    UG needs to fix this article..... that PICTURE is of DAN DONEGAN THE LEAD GUITARIST NOT FUZZ. DISTURBED!!! I can't wait,...new stuffs gonna be great!
    Disturbed..... back to rock! Hopefully they'll have the same sound. More of the good stuff.
    i think this will be a good thing for the band overall. It will bring some new talent and ideas to the band.