Disturbed Finds New Bassist

artist: Disturbed date: 05/04/2004 category: music news
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Disturbed Finds New Bassist
As reported yesterday, former Union Underground bassist John Moyer has been officially selected as the replacement bassist for Fuzz. An official statement regarding Moyer's addition to the line-up was posted at the band's official website, www.disturbed1.com, and reads as follows: "Disturbed have filled the highly coveted bass player position left vacant since the departure of Steve "Fuzz" Kmak last year. After an exhaustive search, John Moyer of Austin, TX has been tapped to hold down the bottom end for the Chicago based hard rockers. Moyer was most recently the bass player in the rock band The Union Underground. The timing is good for Moyer, as the band is in Chicago writing the follow-up to their platinum selling "Believe", which was released on Reprise in the fall of 2002. The disc, now considered the new standard bearer for modern metal music, debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and continues to turn a new plethora of rock fans into Disturbed belivers."
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