Disturbing Ian Watkins Trial Details Surface: Singer Sexually Touched, Had Sex With and Urinated on Children

Attention, the following text may be shocking!

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As Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to a string of child sex offenses, disturbing details regarding the singer's crimes recently surfaced, confirming Watkins performed a series of vile sex acts on children and underage teenagers, including indecent touching, oral and full sex and even urination. Described as "determined and committed pedophile" by prosecutor Chris Clee QC, the singer was reportedly shaking in distress as while admitting the crimes he "furiously denied" at first. As Huffington Post reports, Watkins wasn't alone in his actions, as the crimes also involved mothers of abused children who gave the vocalist permission to commit sex acts with their babies. One of the mothers even filmed herself having oral sex with her own baby and sent the footage to Watkins. According to the same source, the singer pleaded guilty to attempting rape of 11-month-old baby belonging to fan "Woman A," as well as conspiring to rape the baby daughter of another fan, referred to as "Woman B." The singer sent a message to one of the women saying "If you belong to me, so does your baby." Furthermore, the charges include sexually touching a one-year-old baby and encouraging a crazed groupie to abuse her own child during a webcam chat. The Skype footage recovered by police shows Watkins pleasuring himself as he talks to the woman about having sex with the baby, as well as how they will force the child to animal sex and taking drugs. During the conversation, vocalist addresses the woman and her baby as his "slave duo," while the groupie herself names the baby Watkin's "little f--k toy." As the situation got more out of control, the woman sent the vocalist a photo of herself having oral sex with the baby. Watkins and Woman A also made disturbing plans to turn babies into sex slaves using hard drugs and reportedly discussed blowing crystal meth into the child's face upon their next meeting at the Cardiff hotel. In late March, the singer sent woman a message about taking things "to the next level" and desiring a "summer of filthy child porn." A 17-minute video was additionally unveiled, showing Watkins performing a sex act on the child. Following the meeting, the two exchanged emails about not going so "easy" on the child next time they meet. The clip itself was discovered by police once it was uploaded to an online storage service. Additionally, a number of camcorder cassettes was obtained from the singer's home, showing Watkins having sex with underage girl fans. One of the girls was a 16-year-old virgin who wanted to give her virginity to the frontman. As the footage shows, the two met at a New York hotel, had oral and full sex, with the singer asking the girl "Do you like being my underage slut?" The girl was asked by Watkins to wear a school uniform, while the clip ends with the singer urinating on girl and ordering her to "drink my p-ss." The rest of the charges includes possessing and making child porn and launching a baby rape plot. Woman A pleaded guilty to attempting rape of a baby after denying rape, as well as two charges of sexual assault and taking and distributing an indecent photograph of a child. Woman B admitted conspiring to rape a child, along with three sexual assault charges and four charges of taking, possessing or distributing indecent images. "Both, by their pleas, admitted they have sexually abused their own children at the behest of Ian Watkins," the prosecutor said. "They also made their children available to Ian Watkins for him to be sexually abused." Watkins pointed out that he doesn't remember committing any of the crimes, claiming he was high on crystal meth at the time. Furthermore, the report indicates that "some of the evidence was too extreme and distressing to report." A statement from the Crown Prosecution Service described the case as a demonstration of "sexual exploitation at its worst. A number of the victims are too young to be able to understand what has happened to them, yet the defendants exploited them for their own gratification," the statement further reads. In a brief Twitter post, Lostprophets guitarist Lee Gaze addressed the trial, saying, "That was over quick. Thank f--k," just to add in a separate tweet: "Thanks for the kind words. At least there is closure now." Following Watkins' arrest, Lostprophets called it quits earlier last month. The singer and two female defendants will receive their sentences on December 18.

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    Pretty ****ed up to say the least.. Was disturbing to read that shit.
    Honey Badger
    I feel bad for the fans with Lostprophets tattoos..
    A guy at my work has lyrics from the band tattooed around his wrist, he recently started wearing a lot of long sleeve shirts...
    At least by looking at him he won't last in jail. He's gonna be put in General Population with the other murderers and rapists and his last train home is gonna be the one that's run on him in the prison showers.
    Man, I can't wait for "Ian Watkins Found Dead In His Cell, Hanged With His Own Intestines." on the newsfeed.
    Oh, he DEFINITELY won't last in jail. I mean, who DOESN'T wanna beat up someone who RAPES BABIES?
    KillRoy Ver 3.0
    I hope the police use all this footage they found to track down the other sick ****s who subjected THEIR OWN CHILDREN to these deplorable acts. There's a special place in hell for these kind of people and I hope they suffer tremendously in the short bit of life they have left before they end up there.
    They already have, the two women in question are also gonna be serving time and damn right they should. Whether or not there's more, I dunno
    God I hope he suffers. a f*cking lot. For a long long time. I can't describe the anger and disgust I felt while reading this. Please suffer.
    It's such a sick and ridiculous story that it almost sounds like a bad joke. Hope he goes down for a long time.
    Jesus Christ, you read all this twisted shit and then you read "some of the evidence was too extreme and distressing to report." If it's worse than what I already read then ****, no way do I want to know
    How sick can one person be. Seriously, if I was him, I'd have killed myself long ago.
    It was actually officially released that his laptop password was "if**kkids", no joke
    The fact that there's even more charges that are too distressing to report worries me, the charges made public are disturbing enough as is. To those wishing death on him, that's the easy way out for him, he needs to stay alive for as long as possible, hopefully some inmates will get a hold of him.
    This is all so unfathomable it's just numbing to read. He's a very, very sick person who wasn't stopped in time before committing these horrible acts.
    "One of the mothers even filmed herself having oral sex with her own baby and sent the footage to Watkins." WHAT THE FUCK?! some people are ****ing nuts! hope they get ****ed up in jail
    "Watkins and Woman A also made disturbing plans to turn babies into sex slaves using hard drugs and reportedly discussed blowing crystal meth into the child's face upon their next meeting at the Cardiff hotel." Seriously, wtf. Sick to my stomach. Today's going to be an angry day, especially at the gym.
    I feel revolting having read that. The poor fUcking kids (if a moderator censures me for that word after having published this in such detail then they need to take a good hard look at themselves). Those poor children will have to carry this for the rest of their lives though they bear absolutely no responsibility for any of it. My heart really does go out to them. As for Watkins and the mothers; I hope they live a very painful, drawn-out existance being tortured by the knowledge of what they have done. That is all I have to say.
    I seriously do feel sorry for his band mates at this time too. Must be crazy having been working and living so closely with him during that time.
    I know someone who knows one of the band members well and apparently Watkins in the last few years was barely a part of the band and kept himself totally cut off from them. They just occasionally saw him bring a girl back to the bus and go into his room with them. Apparently there were always crying girls just sitting around the tour bus after being 'selected' or rejected by him. Its weird stuff, maybe they smelt a rat but you'd never know this level of depravity was going on. I hope the others careers aren't too affected.
    it ****ing disgusts me to think how many more of those horrible, horrible pervs could be out there... it's overwhelming, I just cannot take it, how is it possible to perform such acts?! how can they live with themselves? ((((
    Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few. There was some massive global child porn bust a few weeks ago, where they caught something like 350 people and determined 500 kids were involved or something to that effect. Just impossible to comprehend the depravity....
    I talked to an expert psychologist about this case today. She wasn't shocked/affected at all and mentioned it's not that rare to have mutilated infants show up in the ER in larger cities. It's in these cases with particularly strong evidence, especially like here with a celebrity that it really blows up in the news. So yeah, more people like this are definitely out there, there's really nothing we can do about it....
    As the father of two beautiful kids this disgusts me to no end. How could these parents allow this atrocity to happen? I hope this f*cker gets raped daily by the biggest, smelliest prisoner. What a f*cking piece of shit
    Just execute him. Seriously. I feel sick just to think that we breath the same air.
    Why is he still alive? Hang him.
    A life sentence of being anally raped by the biggest, hardest, meanest prisoners the system has to offer. Solitary confinement otherwise, and unanaesthetised castration. With a wooden spoon.
    I couldn't even finish reading this. Possibly the sickest thing I've ever heard of.
    Why isn't this a 100% dislike but ONLY a 99% dislike? Someone here in the community actually likes this?
    I think some people still use the rating system as it was originally meant to be, where thumbs up meant you think the article was well written. Needless to say, most people (including myself) don't use it that way anymore.
    Everyone is talking about him dying as if that's the best way to deal with this. He needs to suffer. He needs to think about what he has dine for every minute of every day. But most of all he needs to be abused by someone who makes him feel helpless. The dead can't suffer.
    I can't believe this idiot thought he would get away with it all. I mean, he probably just made it even worse (not that it could get much worse) by lying to them by denying the charges. I mean, I wouldn't have expected this at all from Joey Belladonna! Sorry...I thought Lostprophets had turned into Anthrax...that article yesterday was misleading.
    I feel sickened by this man who I once adored as my idol. I hope the lock him away far, far away, and hope he never sees daylight again. A**hole of a man he is. The worst part is the fact that he denied it at first. You sicken me Ian, please die.
    I felt sick while reading that. How, dear god how can anyone be so ****ing disgusting. Someone like him should burn in hell
    "...the crimes also involved mothers of abused children who gave the vocalist permission to commit sex acts with their babies. One of the mothers even filmed herself having oral sex with her own baby and sent the footage to Watkins." the f*ck
    Why exactly did he choose to do this is my question.. I mean first of all he's a lead singer in a decent band, and this is what he chose to do while he's milking in a bit of fame as a musician? At first I thought he was a man with a messed up mind, but this is beyond messed up... I have no words right now to how shocked I am at this.
    This video is oddly appropriate. It's as if he could see the future. I mean, besides the part when he starts fighting back. Lostprophets - Bring 'Em Down
    This guy is worse than GG f**king Allin. Disgusting in every way.
    When he is in prison I hope someone makes him their bitch so he can feel all the pain and fear and helplessness those kids felt. He will be their F**KING TOY
    WOW. So it's not just pedophilia but meth too? And trying to meth out a baby so he can meth-rape it? Dude. Watkins is gonna go to prison, and when he does... He's gonna have a bad time.
    a really hard one i hope. damn disgusting, i felt bad simply reading it.
    i don't know how shit goes in prisons in the UK, but holy **** i hope he gets what he deserves in there. a lot of things dont rattle my cage anymore-but this just straight pissed me off. this exploitation of innocence is disturbing and must be terrifying for all of the people being effected. ****ing rapist.
    Child Molesters are usually separated because your common prisoners show no mercy on child molesters and pedophiles.
    This guy deserves to get buried alive
    This is sickening. Hope the bastard rots in jail.
    Ian Wantskids
    I've read that his girlfriend warned police about this behavior 5 years ago and they did nothing about it. Question is how can anyone who knows the truth be a girlfriend of such a 'person' but that's another story - how could police ignore such accusations for that long? Btw Watkins - solution for your problem is called suicide - good 10 years ago..
    The police here are known for not acting on stuff until it's far too late, you'd think that by now they would actually act quickly.
    Damn. that guy and those *****s MUST suffer for all eternity.
    Who the **** looks at a baby and says "Yeah, I wanna piece of that" ???
    It was actually officially released that his laptop password was "if**kkids", no joke
    They will Jeffrey Dahmer him up in prison. Fo sho...
    I don't ever wish for someone to die and actually mean it but I will make an exception for him. I wish upon him the slowest, most painful death ever experienced by a living thing (he doesn't deserve to be call a human being). He can suffer the way those children suffered at the hands of this piece of trash. And those other two woman can suffer the same brutal fate.
    If he's not a human being, does that mean he doesn't have to take responsibility for his actions? He's a human being who did not act as a human being should, and so should face full consequences for the enormity of his actions. Treating him as a monster only serves to dodge the issue. It's a passive justification of what he did. "Well, what do you expect? He's inhuman."