DJ Ashba: 'I Can Honestly Bring Something Cool to the Table for GN'R Future'

Guitarist also explains why he couldn't turn down the GN'R gig.

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Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba recently discussed the experience of playing with one of the biggest rock bands of all time, pointing out his belief that he can contribute to the band's future output in a positive way.

Chatting with 100.3 the X Rocks, the axeman also explained why he couldn't turn down the GN'R gig, saying, "I'm still a fan of Guns - I always will be - and that's the only reason I'm in this band. I felt really connected to the band - I grew up cutting my teeth on the guitar style - so, for me, it was like putting on a glove; it felt natural. I turned down quite a few big gigs, and this is one that I just couldn't turn down.

"I felt like I had something I could offer," Ashba continued (via Blabbermouth). "As a songwriter and producer, I feel like I can honestly bring something cool to the table for the future of this band. So that's why I'm here; not so much to play guitar."

Switching to the matter of Sixx: A.M. future plans, DJ added, "We're planning on doing some really cool new stuff - like something really super-special for the fans. We're talking about touring, but not anytime soon, so instead, we're gonna do something that I think fans are gonna really love."

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    Were planning on doing some really cool new stuff.....Were talking about touring.....REALLY ...REALLY that is new stuff.How about making this new album that you guys say you have 3 or more lps worth of stuff That would be some really cool new stuff.How about that Mr.Ashba how about making a new f-in album like you said you were gonna do like you have been saying for the last 4 years that is new cool stuff NOT TOURING make a new album then tour
    You're so fn right... Screw this Touring with the same setlist for years BS and make a new fn album. Axl has some great musicians in this lineup. Everyone wants to do a 'Chinese Democracy 2' but there is absolutly nothin in the making but tourin an talkin... These guys / Axl himself even pisses the biggest fans off!
    ..How does this guy have ended up with GNR? No offense but I heard some of his stuff, both with GNR and his other band, and to be honest it doesn't sound very cool. Buckethead had chops, at least.
    No you can't, if Axl is ever going to make another album I really hope he fires DJ Ashba, he's a really shit guitarist and it's just embarrassing for Axl to have him in the band, especially when he has someone like Richard Fortus, who is a guitar virtuoso but can also play tastefully, relegated to rhythm guitar.
    Er Ashba is a pretty cool guitarist. All of the current guitarists are. Heck Ashba's probably really good because he produces and writes stuff for a variety of people meaning he knows how to do this shit. Honestly Ashba could bring something really interesting. Mashing up what he did with Sixx AM and Beautiful Creatures to the table would be cool. You can tell he's frustrated though. He's been in the band for five years and not a whiff of making a new album