Doctors Told Lemmy to Quit

Iconic rocker was advised to retire.

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Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister told fans at Wacken that doctors had told him it was time to retire just minuted before he cut their festival appearance short.

The veteran frontman disappeared 35 minutes into what was supposed to be a 70-minute show, still suffering after-effects from a haematoma which forced the band to cancel several European gigs last month.

BraveWords say Lemmy admitted to the fans at the music festival that the experts had advised him to quit, but he added: "We'll have to see about that."

His friend Slash visited him recently and later tweeted: "He's doing well. There's been a lot of rumours but he's in good shape, and finishing Motorhead record now."

Black Sabbath axeman Tony Iommi, who's suffered his own health issues in recent years after being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, sent a public message to Lemmy in which he said: "Wishing you a speedy recovery. Best wishes, Tony."

Motorhead released a statement earlier this week after the Wacken call-off, saying: "The show had to go on because that's how Lemmy rolls. Even though he was not 100% fit, he refused to feel he was letting the 85,000 fans down. They kicked ass for a shortened, but powerful, set befor, Lemmy finally realised he might have bitten off a little more than he could chew.

"Once he fully recharges Motorhead will be back don't you worry!"

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    lol, listen to slash and lemmys song "Dr. Alibi" lyrics: I went to see the doctor He said you're pretty sick You got some real bad habits You'd better stop right quick ... I went to see a shaman He said you'll be alright Just keep doin' what you love Every single night I said that's what I need to hear Took away my childish fears
    He also sang "Speed don't kill and I'm the proof". He might be reconsidering that these days. But probably not.
    Badasses like Lemmy don't retire. He will keep doing his thing until it either kills him or he kills it and I'm never betting against Lemmy.
    We'll if he is to die, then going out in the middle of a performance would be a pretty cool way to go instead of lets say dying while eating a bag of doritos watching the game show channel.
    Honestly if it means he might end up seriously hurting himself I'd rather he quit, I highly respect the guy but the last thing I want is to see him in bad health.
    He will never quit. He will die on that stage because he would rather live his life rocking than die slowly in a chair over years bored stiff. Its the same thing as Vikings dying in battle to get to Valhalla. This guy deserves a statue built in his honor!
    Man, I hope he goes out with a bang, and not a whimper, if that makes sense. I don't want to see Motorhead ending every third show early, than early second, etc. I think Lemmy should consider a reduced touring schedule, I am sure the guy has his money made.
    Mr Winters
    I don't think he cares about money at this point, the guy has a passion for music and he probably wants to perform as much as he can, which is understandable.
    It's amazing that the man hasn't croaked decades ago, and he's still touring. If a god of rock exists, Lemmy is probably his son. The man has probably lived more than all of us put together, and if he doesn't explicitly want to die touring, I'm sure he still probably expects to. Truly an icon. He's like a rock & roll jesus. God bless you, Lemmy.
    Whichever way you see fit is good enough for me, you'll Always be the man, Lem! To good health, Cheers! Koen from Belgium.
    Wow, this is hilarious. A few articles ago, most of you were laughing at the possibility of Lemmy's death. Now you're saying that he'll kick the bucket onstage. What the ****! He's gonna smite Death in the face, and get back onstage as he always does! This guy has come this far, he ain't quittin' anytime soon
    I don't know man... Wacken was the second time he came back not fully recovered. Take a longer time out and come back when you're actually able to pull it off, Lemmy.
    As much as I don't want to say this, but he has to listen to the doc's. He ain't in his 20s. I'd rather have studio releases with no tours then a sudden....