Dolly Parton Crowd 'Biggest Ever' Claims Glastonbury's Emily Eavis

Organiser hails Sunday afternoon appearance from US country singer.

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Glastonbury Festival organiser Emily Eavis has hailed Dolly Parton's appearance at the event as a success, claiming that she brought the biggest audience the festival has ever seen, NME reports.

Parton performed at Worthy Farm on Sunday (June 29) and played a set filled with hits, including "Jolene" and "9 to 5" as well as a specially written rap about the muddy conditions.

"Oh, Dolly was the biggest crowd I've ever seen here," Eavis said in a QA on the official Glastonbury website. "She is just a truly amazing live performer.

"Her voice was incredible. And she wrote that song about mud in the morning before the show! I don't think you can beat that performance as a perfect moment here at Glastonbury."

However, Eavis did not comment on speculation that Parton mimed during her set; a claim which has subsequently been denied by the singer.

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    I love Dolly. She's the real deal. No bulls**t, no tabloid headlines, nothing bad to say about anyone. Also she was great in Steel Magnolias. I know this comment is pretty soft but I wanted to give Dolly some props from me and my Grandma.
    The British public do like themselves a novelty act. All that palaver about metallica playing but an almost 70 year old redneck, mostly known for having big tits and who hasnt done anything worth any real note since 1980 is gonna play those 2 songs we've all heard at every trashy wedding disco ever! Wow, cant wait for some of that! IDontWantToLiveOnThisPlanetAnymore.jpg
    I was there and it was bigger than the stones last year which I heard was estimated at 140,000, it was ridiculous I wanted to just leave and see something else but couldn't it was so packed. I couldn't see her up close so can't comment if she mimed or not but she seemed lovely and was funny.
    Floyd Phoenix
    'Claims' makes the article sound dumb... The figures stand at around 100,000 people, the biggest the Pyramid stage (and any other at Glasto) has ever seen, so someone's journalism needs sorting out... Sorry if that makes me sound dickish... Also, I found that for practically every band there I could arrive 10 minutes early and still get a good spot, but not for her... And, looking at the facilities there, it seems pretty unlikely that she mimed a song she wrote that very day, it just sometimes looked a little like she was miming because the screens were out of sync a lot.