Down Drummer on Lineup Change: 'We're a New Band, It's Exciting'

Jimmy Bower also talks new record.

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Down's Jimmy Bower has been speaking with Tone Deaf about the follow-up to 2012's "Down VI Part I" - "The Purple EP." As the drummer notes, new guitarist Bobby Landgraf has brought a new dimension to the record:

"The EP is done. New guitarist Bobby Landgraf has recorded with the band for the first time since Kirk's [Windstein] departure, and new blood always brings new ideas ... Landgraf has been with Down for five or six years [as guitar tech]. He's a great guitar player, so to have that calibre of musician on board, we're looking forward to watching him shine."

Bower notes that playing with Landgraf is like being in a new band:

"The new EP was all done with Bobby. We didn't use any old riffs. When you have a band like Down, everybody writes. It's like a new band now, new dudes. It's exciting."

He also hinted at the stylistic direction for the new record:

"This EP will be the second of four. For a band like Down, where we've got so many different styles, we can play heavy stuff to mellow, so that was the whole idea behind these EPs. This album will be really heavy - the fans are going to like it. It's a sad heavy vibe. The writing process was really fun. We had a really good time."

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    As indicated by my avatar, I'm a huge fan of these guys. Can't wait for the new EP, and really looking forward to Bobby's playing.
    Absolutely!! Down are a smokin act. Hard Rock, Blues, little 60s psychedelic in there, nothing wrong with that. We used to have a few Down tracks in the set list back in the day.
    En mi Opinion, después del su primer album, siento que esta banda ya no es lo mismo. Probablemente tiene algo que ver con la voz de phil.
    Saw Down last year with Honky as openers Bobby is one hell of a player this new ep is gonna be interesting.