Down Streaming New Song 'We Knew Him Well'

artist: Down date: 03/18/2014 category: music news
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Down Streaming New Song 'We Knew Him Well'
A new Down song titled "We Knew Him Well" is streaming on the band's SoundCloud page, Blabbermouth reports. The track is taken from the band's new EP, "Down IV - Part Two," which will be released on May 13th via Down Records/ADA Music.

"Down IV - Part Two" is the first record to feature new guitarist Bobby Landgraf, who replaces Kirk Windstein. Speaking about the changing dynamic, vocalist Phil Anselmo notes that Landgraf, as a long time friend of Down, was "immediately at home" in the band:

"Bobby had always been that guy in case of anything. Knowing his personality, he really locked in with what we do and took it to heart. He made himself belong. Honestly, the first day he came down he contributed a very strong riff to a key song. There's that Southern element, which is imperative. I also catch a real old heavy metal vibe from this record. I can't stress this enough. He took it all on, and he did a f--king awesome job."

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