Down Streaming New Song 'We Knew Him Well'

Song posted on band's Soundcloud page.

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A new Down song titled "We Knew Him Well" is streaming on the band's SoundCloud page, Blabbermouth reports. The track is taken from the band's new EP, "Down IV - Part Two," which will be released on May 13th via Down Records/ADA Music.

"Down IV - Part Two" is the first record to feature new guitarist Bobby Landgraf, who replaces Kirk Windstein. Speaking about the changing dynamic, vocalist Phil Anselmo notes that Landgraf, as a long time friend of Down, was "immediately at home" in the band:

"Bobby had always been that guy in case of anything. Knowing his personality, he really locked in with what we do and took it to heart. He made himself belong. Honestly, the first day he came down he contributed a very strong riff to a key song. There's that Southern element, which is imperative. I also catch a real old heavy metal vibe from this record. I can't stress this enough. He took it all on, and he did a f--king awesome job."

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    When I read the title "We Knew Him Well", I immediately thought of Dimebag
    Feeling little DOWN here! Hell yeah! Purchasing this day one for sure. Phil and guys never disappoint.
    Might catch hate for saying this, especially considering my avatar, but I was lnt impressed with this song. I'll listen to it a few more times and see if it grows on me.
    Strange you should say that. I personally think it's stronger than most (if not all) of the songs on the last EP, what'd you think of that? This song appealed to me instantly, but yeah... Some songs just need to grow on you.
    Flying Afros
    Well, it's definitely heavier than the "purple" ep. However, the main riff isn't too memorable. But I do like the direction Phil is taking with his voice. Kinda reminds me a little of his solo album.
    Pretty much same here. I liked the riff, but I'm not impressed by everything else.
    Damn, it kicks major ass! It's even better than any song from the first EP. Looking forward to this.
    It's derivative sure, Down by numbers, but what else can they do? This is their sound.
    This is how you unleash a new song. Take notes, Metallica.
    No man. To each his own; Down likes to release it for all o hear, Tallica like to play it for the fans who came all the way out to see them do what they do best - you are the one who should be taking notes.
    awesome seein down continue on! wasnt sure where they were headed since phil and the illegals, but what can ya expect from a guy that makes a band every week! down is at least a band i'd rather see phil keeping on with! also lookin forward to more illegals! classic pantera phil right there!
    Didn't dig into that song at first, but after a few listenings.... \m/>.<\m/ All Hail Down!
    DOWNs new song, Metallicas new song. Umm, two vastly different bands, who gives a shmeckle.