Doyle Wolfgang Hoping to Reunite Original Misfits

artist: Misfits date: 02/12/2014 category: music news
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Doyle Wolfgang Hoping to Reunite Original Misfits
Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has revealed that he wants to reunite the original Misfits lineup.

In an Idol Worship interview that AltPress arranged between Doyle and Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack, the guitarist stated that he would like to work again with vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only:

"I'm the only one that's gonna get the original lineup back together. So I think I'm going to work on that, and hopefully I can pull the two bulls together and get them to f--king stop."

He continued, "You know what? I've just decided this week that I am going to make an attempt, and I wanna do it. I'll put what I'm doing right on the f--king side. I'll go do it tomorrow."

Doyle also revealed that he had attempted to reunite the band back in 2002, but that those plans were halted when an unknown party leaked the news:

"It didn't happen and it's a shame," Doyle said. "It's stupid that we're not doing it. It would be huge."
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