Dream Theater Frontman: 'Mike Mangini Will Remain Our Drummer Until the Day We're Finished'

"Mike Portnoy has moved on and I think he's happy with that," says James LaBrie.

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Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie once again touched on the matter of drummer Mike Portnoy's departure, stressing that Mike Mangini's position in DT is more than secure. During a chat with Wikimetal, LaBrie also noted that he believes Portnoy has moved on from his former band and is likely happy with his current musical endeavors. "I haven't spoken to Mike since he left the band," LaBrie kicked off (via Blabbermouth). "Myself, personally, and the way that the band feels is we're moving forward. Mike Mangini is our drummer and he will remain our drummer until the day that we're finished doing this. It's just the way that it is." After pointing out that Mangini "completely clicks" with the rest of the group, James focused on Portnoy. "Mike, you know, he's moved on, he's working with musicians and doing the things that he wants to do musically, and I think he's happy with that. But as far as Dream Theater [is concerned], this is who we are and this is who we will continue to be. Mike Mangini is our drummer, and he will be." Dream Theater released their new, self-titled record on September 24 through Roadrunner Records. The band recently posted an unboxing clip with guitarist John Petrucci revealing the content of "Dream Theater" limited edition collector's box set version. Check it out below.

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    JP has the final word when it comes to Portnoy's return... I think
    JESUS CHRIST! Will interviewers just lay off this topic already? Portnoy's happy, DT's happy, and the true fans are happy. Enough!
    The only thing I find kinda shitty about Portnoy leaving was about his kids: In an interview they spoke about how all the bandmembers' kids were friends and stuff. It seems like with this isolation that they're playing at they may have been seperated from those friendships :/
    Just Mangini at a clinic last night. When you see him play and hear him explain how he constructs his parts together, you appreciate his drumming so much more. Such an amazing drummer and I'm so glad he's part of DT.
    I have read somewhere that Portnoy's name was misprinted as "Porntoy" on the Systematic Chaos booklet, and Roadrunner retrieved all the copies like a fanatic. I strongly anticipate UG to do the same thing soon(the misspelling).
    I don't think Portnoy will ever be an actual member again. But I do think that at some point he will join them again on stage. Even if it's only for one song at one concert
    a Liquid Tension Experiment reunion. it feels like the perfect thing. more importantly, i hope these guys personally dont have bad blood with eachother. Still, i could go for a new LTE album
    James, a frontman? Yeah he's the singer, but the face of the band and the one who demands the most attention is Petrucci even though he stands still. Unless Frotnman is the word for singer and fifth wheel who isn't even on stage a third of the time. Anyway, I hope Larbie is worng abuot Porntoy and Magnini.
    DT is one of my favourite bands, but I've never liked James, Neither as a singer nor as a person. When I listened to Petrucci talking about Portnoy, he's a lot more respectful and more sensitive about him.
    No disrespect towards DT, but I don't see what the big deal is with Mangini. Portnoy is a more solid drummer. =/
    Since when James has become the spokesman of Dream Theater? MM is great, that's for sure! But I hope MP and the rest of the DT guys would get back together in the future, before they are finished.
    Whenever someone makes a statement like this, what they're really saying is that they're happy with MM, and if he's the drummer till the end, then that's fine. But it's impossible to know what will happen in the future, and you can easily find tons of quotes where guys say they'll never play with this guy ever again and yet they do, or this lineup will be till the end but then someone leaves.
    I hope he's wrong. I like Mangini, but listening to ADTOE and the self-titled album, it occurred to me that the songs seem to lack direction and focus. To give examples: Enigma Machine seems to change ideas before they develop. It has nothing to do with the complexity of their music, because Dance of Eternity is arguably the craziest song they have ever written, yet it has focus. It sticks to an idea long enough for it to make sense before it changes. I though it was just ADTOE and that the new album would have that problem fixed, but it's apparent to me that what was keeping these songs focused was Portnoy. He isn't as technical as Mangini, but I have only heard a few people make their drums sing like Portnoy does. Dream Theater's songs were musical when it was him and John writing them. Now that Portnoy is gone and Jordan is writing with John, their songs are starting to lose the melodic aspect and are starting to become more wankfest than music. Don't take this whole thing the wrong way. I still love this band and I enjoyed the new album as well as ADTOE, but I feel that Dream Theater is a better band with Portnoy's genius (silly background vocals included).
    Im Glad Mangini is staying in the band permanently(or until he cracks). imo the most notable and enjoyable part of DTs recent awesome album was the drums. Portnoy is an amazing drumming without a doubt, but Mangini fits so damn well in the band.