Dream Theater: No Plans for Portnoy Reunion, Not Even as a One-Off

"He's too busy for us," the boys jokingly say.

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Dream Theater: No Plans for Portnoy Reunion, Not Even as a One-Off

John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess said there are no plans for reuniting with Mike Portnoy anytime soon, not even for a special one-off during the ongoing "Images & Words" anniversary tour.

Asked on the whole matter during a recent fan Q&A, Petrucci replied: "There's no plans to do anything like that. Mike's great, and he's doing many, many projects right now."

Rudess jokingly chimed in: "He's too busy for us."

John continue: "Yeah, he's in 20 bands. I don't think he has time. But, yeah, this tour celebrating 'Images,' we won't be having any past-member guests."

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    The comment threads on UG and Blabbermouth are so different. BM is so pro-Mangini and UG is pro-Portnoy. They've put out good work since he left, but I feel that the direction is gone. It sounds like DT but there's, as Jack Black would put it, a lack of rocket sauce.
    I really liked ADTOE. Lost not Forgotten, Bridges in the Sky, and Breaking All Illusions sound like songs that would have been written with Portnoy there. Funny enough the self titled album sounds like something Neal Morse would write with portnoy
    That could be perhaps explained because, socio and psychologically, there's a group of people that solved their Oedipus Complex with extreme submission to their fatherly figures, whereas Portnoy extended that a bit, and is a man and human being that refuses to stop evolving. He's also more ballsy, because he admits his mistakes, and when he sees he's wrong, he's preoccupied with "going back and doing the right thing" (such as his regret of leaving because of momentary poor judgment and then wanting to come back)... He's forgiving too, therefore expects forgiveness...DT, without and, even with Portnoy (it was "only a matter of time") is an "old farts" band, therefore their praise to "the great northern empire" in their pre-"astonishing" research and Spotify playlists as well as the album itself perhaps...Not that they are a bad band or whatever but, as it was pointed in your comment, they now lack the only source of real "rocket sauce" they had.
    I personally like Mike Mangini, he is an amazing drummer. But after Portnoy has left the band, it has lost its grip and power, and slowly became a soft-washed Petrucci soloband. Dont get me wrong, Petrucci is a genius, but DT was the mixture of both and just not the same without Portnoy anymore! The latest DT christian-soft-rock-musical could have never been released with Portnoy. If I here the lines "People just dont have the time, for music anymore" I have to vomit...
    People gonna hate you. Portnoy had his chance and now is in the past. Time for Mangini energy.
    "Mangini energy." - Don't say that...Have you seen the Luna Park DVD? You're wishing for DT to start composing Yoga tracks that way...
    Don't tell me what to do. I'm not into yoga like some real men here but if they would record yoga music like that I would listen to it. You're obviously Portnoy fanboy.
    Portnoy was the heart & soul of that band, they've lost their way since he's left
    Totally agree! They're still one of my favourite bands, but the absence of Portnoy's enthusiasm and passion is noticeable. Feel's like they've been on autopilot ever since.
    Second Rate
    Portnoy's departure was long overdue. He was destroying the band. Too much bland pseudo metal and too many "songs in the style of (X)," where X is whatever band Portnoy has a rager for at the moment.
    indeed, but what people dont realise its that Portnoy also needs dream, the band and he are shadows of what they use to be
    Portnoy needs to form a band with Daniel Gildenlöw. They both are amazing, creative, passioned musicians and people, and Portnoy is lost among all these bands, while the new PoS single i heard is an erratic move to imitate what's in fashion in metal.
    As long as they get back together for a true live rendition of the 12 step suite at some point
    Hehauehau, the pics are priceless...But Portnoy is a better person than all current DT members, as well as a more lively one than Moore let's say, so he shouldn't really want (in case he does) unite with DT, specially after the fiasco that was "The 'Astonishing'"...
    I lost a lot of respect for Rudess a couple months ago when he shared a review of one of his side projects that said something like, "if you don't know Minnemann, he's better than Portnoy, and I nicer guy too." And that was an Amazon review, not even from an actual music critic... that was a low blow.
    Somebody should ask JP in of the Q&As what the fuck is up with that fucking snare sound.
    Irwin Navarro
    It's stuff like this that makes me think that Minnemann and the rest of the other audition drummers didn't really want to be part of DT in the first place. Aside from having the least say in the creative process, as well as the least % of the cash, majority of the DT fanbase will see the new drummer as "Mike Portnoy's replacement".
    Second Rate
    If Derek Roddy is to be believed, Mangini was already picked as the replacement. The "auditions" were some dog and pony show that Roadrunner made them go through so they could film it and use it as a promo tool for the record.
    Haven't dug one of their albums for awhile now. Was never too crazy about Portnoy as a writer but I respect his passion and it does seem they've gone further downhill since he left.
    I honestly notice no difference between DT with and without Portnoy, except that the shitty backing vocals are gone.
    They haven't put out a good album since he left/ was fired
    Mr Winters
    ADTOE and the self titled aren't bad at all.
    Completely agree with you. I personally think ADTOE is one of DT's better albums. I am still having a hard time with The Astonishing. When it first came out I actually sat down with a dram of Buffalo Trace, lyric book and music - no distractions, and listened to the entire thing... just felt flat to me.
    The astonishing was definitely meant to be a live experience. I hated the album while listening to it but went to the show hoping to have my mind changed like with ADTOE. I still haven't looked much into the story but the album falls flat because of the production. The dynamics are totally lost in the album but live, when it's meant to be heavy, it's absolutely crushing!
    Falling flat because of production appears to be a running theme in post-Portnoy DT.
    I think those two albums are pretty decent but I have huge problems with the mixing on those albums which TBF is because its all Petrucci doing the mixing and not Portnoy anymore. The drum sounds have been bad, the guitar sound is so muddled, the bass is so lacking in tone, the keyboards are a lot louder then before on albums. I just wish John would hire a producer so badly since the songs sound alot better live even though the same sound issues persist there as well.
    I feel like 'u mad bro?' is appropriate here.
    That's not polite. That's what high school bullies used to say to many DT fans, what people say about LaBrie's latent homossexuality, about Myung's retardness, etc...Not cool.
    I don't think today's DT music is bad, I actually loved the self titled album, but I imagine it with Portnoy and it could have been my favorite album ever! They should reunite. At least for the 12 step suite.