Dream Theater Singer Talks Modern Vocal Influences: 'Sleeping With Sirens, I See Stars, Bring Me the Horizon'

See who else is in James LaBrie's list.

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Dream Theater singer James LaBrie has been talking with Artist Direct about his modern vocal influences.

As the singer notes, he keeps a finger on the pulse of modern rock and metal thanks to the influence of his son:

"I would say Sleeping With Sirens, I See Stars, Bring Me the Horizon. Those guys off the top of my head. I've always liked Ryan Tedder from One Republic, I think he's got a great voice. It's got a lot of emotion.

"Killswitch Engage ... I'm saying the names of the bands cause I'm drawing a blank on these guys' names right now ... Tesseract ... he's got a great voice. My son turned me on to a lot of those bands. I'll walk past his bedroom and be like 'who's that?' Tesseract is a great band ... really excited with those guys."

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    I like James, he knows what he likes and doesn't try to impress by saying the usual big metal names that will make the metalheads happy. I don't like the bands he mentions but if he does thats cool! I don't have to listen to them and James will still bring out great music!
    Why all the downvotes? Because he didn't say, like, Dio or Bruce Dickinson or any of the other metal giants that the people of this website probably expect? Geez. Let the man like what he likes.
    It's probably because nobody likes LaBrie. Including most Dream Theater fans I know.
    To be honest I hate most of the bands LaBrie mentions here (Tesseract and Killswitch Engaged are the exceptions). I think it's fine that he likes them but I really don't see their influence in Dream Theater at all. I mean that in a good way though. I think the headline doesn't really match the article because he's really just talking about bands he likes rather what actually influences him but then again I could be wrong. It's hard to tell what influences James because he doesn't write any of the music, maybe a few melodies here and there but it's mostly JP and Rudess coming up with the melodies.
    To be fair, LaBrie does try and do that low gritty vocal style every once in a while, on the more metal tracks, but since his voice is just not built like these singers, it doesn't come close to resembling it. I'm just trying to think of a technique he does to relate to those types of vocalists, because I do agree with you.
    I agree with him. Ryan Tedder does have a fantastic voice and range. As for Bring Me the Horizon, the vocalist sounds very unique and engaging on the record(on Sempiternal anyway) but live he's quiet a disappointment IMO.
    LaBrie is a disappointment live as well so I get how it's an influence. Still love DT though..
    Mr Winters
    I've seen both DT and BMTH live (had to endure BMTH to see Machine Head) and Oliver Sykes is absolutely terrible. It wasn't even a disappointment because I had no expectations of BMTH being anything other than annoying and insufferable, though.
    I've heard recordings where he's been pretty off, but he sounded great last week in KC. The only disappointment was JP being ten times louder than anyone else.
    Really? Because I saw them in Chicago a little over a week ago and LaBrie DEFINITELY delivered.
    I don't understand why James would consider BMTH an influence. While James' tone is not everyone#s cup of teas, it can't be denied he has a diverse, powerful singing voice with a great range. Meanwhile the only thing Oli Sykes of BMTH is capable of is the same tired old metalcore scream...I really don't get why people laud Oli as such a great vocalist. He's not even a *good* vocalist, even for metalcore.
    Who would have thought James liked Sleeping with sirens. I like them too but I feel like alot of people don't enjoy them.
    Boe Jangles
    Cos the sleeping with sirens guy has an even more high pitched sound than Labrie himself. Both sound ****ing dreadful.
    TAKE COVER! silly UG how could you think posting this article was clever?! all the elitists are going to have a shit fit and get their knickers in a twist! how could someone from the almighty godly dream theater possibly like the lowly bring me the horizon HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE! /sarc
    I just saw DT this week and La Brie was better than the previous 2 I saw. Seemed more relaxed and less reliant on the live style he's often used that relied on a microphone with higher gain and a "screechier" sound. The guy has great control and didn't tap out through a 3 hour show. Having a drummer he likes behind him might be the reason why seemed in a better mood than any previous appearance I 've seen. Great show and a talented guy.
    Not to mention that on this tour he flawlessly churns out even the songs from Awake, which have a huge load of insanely high notes. When I saw him on February I actually expected less, but was very pleasantly surprised.
    bring me the horizon? really?! I like some bands in that genre (KSE, All That Remains, etc.) but bring me the horizon are just terrible imo
    I know it personal preferences, you may not like him, but many people do. Their most recent album is their best yet (for many people): they managed to experiment with a different sound and not fail at it (many bands, sadly, do fail when it comes to experimenting).