Dream Theater Want Fans' Dramatic Events Photos

artist: Dream Theater date: 09/15/2012 category: music news

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Dream Theater Want Fans' Dramatic Events Photos
Dream Theater have called on fans to submit photos of dramatic events for use in the band's upcoming live DVD. The theme ties in with recent album A Dramatic Turn of Events, their first since the shock departure of ex-mainman Mike Portnoy. All submissions will be entered into a contest, and winners will see their images used in the concert film, which was shot in Argentina in August. Successful contestants will also be invited to join a private Google Plus On Air Hangout to enjoy advance preview clips from the movie. The band say: "Please post to Instagram your photos of your dramatic Dream Theater events over the last year. In concert, meeting the band, hanging with other fans, your Dream Theater tattoo, your Dream Theater collection anything Dream Theater related. When you post them to Instagram be sure you use the hashtag #dramaticevents so we can see all the photos. Photos posted between now and November 1 will be entered into a contest. Dream Theater will select their favourite photos to be included in the upcoming concert DVD. Those fans who have photos selected will also be invited to a private Google+ On Air Hangout. It will be private, for only those fans selected. Just you and Dream Theater". View all the photos submitted. Meanwhile, keyboardist Jordan Rudess says he's sad to see talented musicians leaving the industry as a result of its current challenges. He tells Huffington Post: "It's definitely harder to survive as a musician than it used to be. I see many of my friends feeling a need to quit and trying to find other career opportunities. The successful musicians I know can either play a range of instruments, genres, and/or have strengths in areas of music technology or production. At this point, in order to be successful within this genre, it's essential to be somewhat versatile. My advice is: If music is the only thing that you love to do, then do it 24/7 practice, listen, work. Expand your musical interests and abilities. How music is played and listened to and purchased is changing all the time. I'm passionate about staying on top of the flying carpet ride that music technology presents, and that has definitely been one of the keys to my success and happiness". Thanks to Progrockmag for the report.
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