Dream Theater's Rudess: 'Streaming Services Won't Allow Creative Musicians to Survive'

artist: Dream Theater date: 03/03/2014 category: music news
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Dream Theater's Rudess: 'Streaming Services Won't Allow Creative Musicians to Survive'
Sharing a pessimistic stance about music streaming services, Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess noted that although technology significantly helps musicians with promotion, it cripples them financially, resulting in a complete lack of creative musicians.

Chatting with Metal Shine Blog, Jordan initially stressed that he truly appreciates the modern technology, but still can't help pointing at its drawbacks. "I can't help but be really upset about the fact that it seems harder than ever for a young band to make it," he said. "Maybe it's because there's just too much stuff and too many ways and people get lost and don't know where to look for a band. It's such a wash of stuff and you're looking at this service and that service, Spotify and Bandcamp."

Focusing on streaming services, Rudess continued, "And you hear about the kind of money some of these streaming services pay the musicians and it's really, really concerning. I have Spotify and I listen to it and I think it's really cool, but as an artist starting out, that's really upsetting.

"The world, the industry has to rethink how that's going. It's not gonna allow creative musicians to survive. It's easier to get the music out there, but how are you gonna make money off of it and how are you gonna get anywhere? Everybody I talk to is basically saying or agreeing that it's just harder."

Back in December, Spotify made their payment details public, confirming $0.007 pay per song. In general, this reportedly results in $3,300 monthly income for a "niche indie album" and a $425,000 monthly cheque for a "global hit album." Details here.
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