DRI Going On Hiatus

artist: D.R.I. date: 05/16/2006 category: general music news

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D.R.I. have been on hiatus as guitarist Spike Cassidy was recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, and underwent surgery recently to remove it. He will be starting months of radiation and chemo-therapy soon. Here is part of the news from the band's official website: "Spike Cassidy, Founder, Long Time Guitarist of D.R.I. was diagnosed with Cancer, and underwent surgery recently to remove it. He will be starting months of radiation and chemo-therapy soon. "You can help out Spike and his family with your donations to: Spike Cassidy Cancer Relief "All tours and shows have been canceled. Merchandise orders will all be shipped later then the normal 2-4 weeks. If your waiting on an order that's already late, be patient, it's on the way. All orders will be shipped as soon as possible. "Updates on Spikes health, and the bands future will be posted here monthly. Spike, his family, and D.R.I. appreciate the concern every one has shown, and wish they could thank each and everyone of you personally." In addition to the band's hiatus, D.R.I. will continue writing an all new studio album. They have signed to Beer City Records for their live album "Live at CBGB's 1984" (released in 2005) and also for the release of their upcoming studio album. Their last studio album, "Full Speed Ahead", came out in 1995 and is their last recording with previous bassist Chumly Porter. He was replaced by Harald Oimoen when D.R.I. reunited in 1999. The band has continued touring since then and they were also rumored to have a new album, but has nothing surfaced and no plans to record have been announced. The new album will also be their first release with Oimoen.
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