Drowning Pool Parts Ways With Singer

Texas heavy rockers Drowning Pool have parted ways with vocalist Ryan McCombs.

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According to Blabbermouth.net, Texas heavy rockers Drowning Pool have parted ways with vocalist Ryan McCombs.

A member of Drowning Pool since 2006, McCombs replaced singer Jason "Gong" Jones, who joined the band following the tragic passing of Dave Williams.

Ryan recently rejoined his former bandmates in Soil for a tour of the U.K. that featured a setlist comprised of select cuts from the group's "Scars" and "Re.De.Fine" albums, along with a song from Soil's debut "Throttle Junkies" release.

Commented Drowning Pool guitarist C.J. Pierce: "We have always been a band who has gained success despite having multiple singers... maybe we suffer from reverse 'lead singer's disease'".

"Changing things up has not always been easy, but the band has become re-energized time and time again."

"We are looking to find a new singer who will give both us, and most importantly our fans, the new adrenaline shot they deserve." He went on to say, "We do wish Ryan great success in his future endeavors."

In a 2007 interview with Live-Metal.net, Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Benton stated about the band's collaboration with McCombs, "After Dave passed, Ryan was the original singer, I think, we wanted, the reason being we knew the guy, we were friends with the guy. We just thought he'd be a great fit, both musically and personally. Unfortunately, he was still working in a band, so we didn't want to go in there and break up that whole rig. So instead, we held auditions and just wound up getting a total stranger in the band."

He added, "We'll always be proud of the record we made with Gong. That was never a problem. It was once we got on the road touring together every day that we realized the personality conflict was not gonna allow the band to continue that way. With Dave, we had always been such a tight-knit group, such a family - brothers, basically. So we weren't used to having to deal with these personal issues that we had with Gong, just the personality conflict. I would say probably he didn't handle that very well and neither did we. So that's what ultimately led to us parting ways. By the time that happened, luckily Ryan had quit his former band, so we didn't have the guilt of breaking that whole rig up. We called him one day, you know, 'Hey, bro, you wanna tour? You wanna make a record?' It all fell together quite nicely after that. The situation is just so much better because we do have a past with the guy. We toured with him lots of times before, done a hundred shows with him in his old band. So we had that tight-knit circle again."

Drowning Pool's self-titled fourth album was released in April 2010 via Eleven Seven Music. The CD was recorded at House of Loud (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore) with Kato Khandwala producing and David Bendeth mixing. Drummer Mike Luce previously stated about the album, "Sonically, 'Drowning Pool' squashes anything we've ever done. This record is really diverse too. There's some material that could've been taken right off 'Sinner', and there's some new stuff that goes beyond all expectations of this band."

Following their first hit with "Bodies" in 2001, Drowning Pool developed a special relationship with the military and their families, eventually visiting and performing for the soldiers in Kuwait and Iraq in 2005 and 2006, respectively. They were also instrumental in the passing of the Lane Evans Mental Health Care Reform providing better mental health care for our veterans. During a trip to Capitol Hill, they presented then-Senator Barack Obama with a petition which helped to pass the Lane Evans Mental Health Care Reform, which he sponsored in the Senate and went on to become law supporting the medical rights for our returning warriors. Drowning Pool engaged in a tour of South Korea for MWR (The US Army's family and morale, welfare and recreation organization) and on Memorial Day 2009 they even played Guantanamo Bay.

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    Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the flooooorrrr!
    I really hope this means Ryan is making a permanent return to soil!!! which would make sense because they seem to be doing alot to revisit those days. And maybe DP will get a singer that will return them to their heavier sound on sinner instead of the watered down rock sound they carry now. DP was much better as a sub metal band then a rock band
    The reason why they had to let go of this one was when they wanted to play a song in 5/4, but he could only count to four.
    Ah yes!! McCombs back in Soil where he belongs and now all DP has to do is get back Jason Jones and I'd be set. McCombs just did not fit in with DP well from the start. Even when I saw them live, the energy was just not there like it used to be.
    MegaGreg wrote: The reason why they had to let go of this one was when they wanted to play a song in 5/4, but he could only count to four.
    Hah, Psychostick fan I see.
    I was listing to Soil just now when I clicked on this. Soil is amazing I hope they make some new music
    That guy lives close to me! So weird. Haha. Like everyone else said, I liked it better when he was in Soil. Just didn't fit in DP.
    They've gone through more frontmen than groupies on the strip in the 90's.
    I thought Drowning Pool was a one hit wonder band, only ever really heard "Bodies" by them then they disappeared next thing I heard of them there singer had up and died (truely a shame for any band) and then poof gone again, now back with more bad news. These guys should take a hint and maybe start a new project, dont have to give up for good but I think Drowning Pool should hang up there hats as a group and call it a day. Regroup at Red Lobster write some sweet material over all you can eat shrimp and sock it to us!
    Root Beer wrote: Crim_Graveyard wrote: these guys still play? People still listen?
    never knew they even had three different singers over time. turn so cold shows their THIRD singer??
    Lets hope they go back to their heavier stuff thats what most people like most. Full Circle wasn't bad, but there were too many ballads! The 4th album was just flat out bad! they lost their heaviness and energy.
    Ryan was always better suited for soil IMO. The worst thing drowning pool ever did was part ways with Gong Jones. The only album I thought was worth a shit was the one he was on.
    I sort of wish Ryan only did the 3rd album and not the 4th, I was getting acustomed to a new voice with every release. & lol @ 'this band is a circus' comment!
    Should just do a collaboration album with a different singer for each track. I loved the song they did with Rob Zombie. Would be a cool concept and it wouldnt feel like they were replacing someone again, nobody can replace Williams.
    HARTATTACK69 wrote: I love each album, hope they find a good 4th singer or go back to the second
    Man, get a reality check
    futuresight wrote: nooo! not again!! why do they keep changing singers every album?
    cus nobody wants to sing for em` lololololol
    Haters gonna hate but I am so glad to hear this. I loved the SOiL albums with McCombs and want to hear more.
    Glad I wont have to listen to SOIL POOL any longer, hopefully drowning pool will pick up back with their roots, I never cared for the SOIL stuff.
    I must be the only person here who doesn't like the desensitized album. shit 1st album damn good, same with 3rd, 4th was meh though, some good stuff just not memorable enough for me. still with Ryan back in soil (yeah like I didn't see this happening) this mean another new lead singer, I know it couldn't be helped the first time though, death is inevitable sadly (**** spelling) wonder who now?
    Ryan McCombs sucked anyway!! have not enjoyed anything they have released since desensitized..
    Ryan back in Soil NAO! Love his work in Soil, most of the stuff in the new DP ain't that bad, for example Turn So Cold, that's the Ryan I love, not King Zero... Still, Wish the best for Drowning Pool, a group that holds my respect from day one