Drug Charges Against Bon Jovi's Teenage Daughter Dropped

Stephanie Bongiovi will not be facing criminal prosecution following alleged heroin overdose.

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Jon Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Bongiovi will not be facing criminal prosecution after she allegedly overdosed on heroin two days ago on Wednesday (November 14), according to NME.

The district attorney has dropped all the charges against Bongiovi as well as the unnamed 21-year-old man who was allegedly involved in the suspected overdose (TMZ).

The charges were dropped because of a New York law which states that people who overdose on illegal drugs cannot be prosecuted. Neither can the people who assist them in getting medical attention.

Bongiovi was found unresponsive in a dormitory at Hamilton College in New York, after apparently overdosing on the Class A drug. Police reportedly found a "small amount" of heroin alongside the singer's daughter, plus paraphernalia and marijuana.

Bongiovi was later taken into custody and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and marijuana, however, these are the charges which have now been dropped.

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    Police reportedly found a "small amount" of heroin alongside the singer's daughter, plus paraphernalia and marijuana. As long as it wasn't KISS paraphernalia...
    I'm sure this incident will give her a bad name...
    She got a shot to the heart, but in this case it was not too late.
    It sure was some Bad Medicine , maybe she just took it as Something For The Pain or maybe she just needed Something to Believe in. That's The Price of Love I guess, These Days drugs are part of the Social Disease and probably will be for The Next 100 Years . With time some people don't get smarter, Just Older. She was hardly going to get charged, her dad is King of The Mountain (so to speak). I'm sure she'll Bounce back besides in life Love's the Only Rule .
    bro you have way too much free time
    When all is said and done I don't think I'll regret spending 2 minutes typing a comment. @ GenerationKILL I'm not an angry 14 year old metalhead, I don't consider Thrash a religion and I love Bon Jovi.
    Charges were dropped. In other words, daddy forked over an obscene amount of money.
    Thats great. Go do drugs, make sure you overdose, but dont die and all will be forgotten with no charges against you. Good law New York, good law.
    New York actually has some pretty tough laws, especially if you think of it as an easy coast version of cali, with all the music, film and art importance.
    OFC this happened. It happens with all celebrities. Though I can't say I find this to be music related even if she is related to a musician...
    She was arrested. She was not charged, however. Had to do with New York law. If you bothered to read this story or most other accounts, you would have seen the explanation of the law. Idiot.
    im sure her not being arrested had nothing to do with Bon Jovi being her father...