Drummer Jon Dette Talks About Permanently Replacing Dave Lombardo In Slayer

Current Slayer replacement drummer addresses the possibility of joining the band full time.

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Thrash metal giants Slayer recently got a lot of publicity and heat from the fans for the current drummer issues the band is going through. After firing long time drummer Dave Lombardo from the latest Australian tour, the group has hired former Testament drummer Jon Dette to fill in the vacant position.

After various statements, band has admitted on doubting Lombardo for quite some time, giving the impression that the drummer even might not come back to Slayer. As far as Dette goes, he didn't hide the happiness for rejoining metal veterans and has now even spoken about the possibility of permanently staying in the band.

"It's baby steps right now. I think it would be too early for me to make a comment like that at this time, but all I can tell you is that we're having a great time [during the Australian tour]. It feels great on stage and everybody that's actually at the shows and seen the shows, not just the fans, but even the crew on the side of the stage all have smiles on their faces so I must be doing something right and I guess we'll see what the future brings," the drummer tells the Heavy Magazine.

Dette also pointed out that he is well aware of the fans' anger caused by Lombardo's firing, admitting that it's natural for them to feel that way. He also stressed out that he most definitely holds anything against Lombardo and feels no animosity whatsoever.

"Lombardo has been such an integral part of Slayer and it's only natural for fans to feel upset right now. I mean, I'm a Slayer fan first and, of course, I paused a little bit when I heard the news, but... you're never going to please everyone and the only thing that I can do... is give it the integrity that the music deserves then I feel that I've done my job and that's all I can do. If the fans accept it then they accept it, if they don't, they don't, but that's out of my control really."

"I don't know how Dave feels. I haven't spoken to Dave in a few weeks. I saw Dave back in January at the NAMM convention, which is a large music convention in California that happens every year, and... I've known both of those guys for years now, obviously. I certainly don't hold anything against them. There's nothing to hold against them for the fact that they've recorded albums. There's no reason to hold a grudge on anything like that, and as far as my history with Slayer in the past, it's just something that was so long ago."

Whether or not Lombardo will stay in the band still remains the biggest question among the fans. Apart from posting the initial announcement and thanking the fans for their support, the drummer still hasn't addressed his future in Slayer, but will most likely have to do so in the near future.

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    No Dave, no Jeff (as it stands right now at least), no Slayer.
    Rebel Scum
    Mate have you seen them in concert with the new guys? I swear if you close your eyes and listen to the music they're making you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Its still Slayer.
    That's like cheating on a girlfriend you actually like dude. If you close your eyes, sure it feels the same but you just know it isn't the same
    Well I think for me it has to do with a bit of a respect issue, and who has written what. Maybe it's just chance but I think the Dave Lombardo stuff is better than Paul Bostaph's (no offence to him, because he's a beast), but I think Lombardo just adds a unique kind of energy that can't be replaced. But hey that's just me, if you disagree it's all good. Opinions!
    Second Rate
    The weakness of the music during the Bostaph period rests on the shoulders of slayers embezzler in chief Kerry King. I like Lombardo as much as the next thrash fan..... but King's riffs sucking does not change the fact that Bostaph's playing is much tighter than Lombardo's. Lombardo is kind of tom heavy.
    I thought this might be the case, but the feel just can't be the same without dave and jeff
    A-****ing-men. In my eyes, the band officially retired with that announcement.
    I'm not really a Dave Lombardo fan. I think a lot of his drum style is based completely on double bass, and it doesn't leave much for good grooves that you can bang you head to. But without Jeff it's not Slayer.
    Second Rate
    Ehh..... the double bass thing is the "groove that you can bang your head to." It has been ever since Ian Paice first laid it down on Deep Purple's track "Fireball."
    Slayer are finished for me now. Jeff and Dave were always the ones I liked most anyway. Fuck Kerry King and his ego.
    i agree, but GARY FUCKING HOLT MAN.
    Gary Holt slings like a mother****er!
    So go see Exodus. Personally, I don't like Rob Dukes as a singer, but Exodus were miles better live than Slayer. And when I saw Slayer, Jeff was still playing with them (as was Dave of course). But at least Exodus can work a crowd, rather than just go "This next song is..." Personally I can't believe that Tom Araya has been thrashing as long as he has and can't even be bothered to incite the crowd (not that those idiots with Slayer carved into their forearms need it)...
    I feel bad for this guy, he will get a lot of hate just because of Tom and Kerry's fault.
    All that I have to say is that it must feel terrible for Dave being screwed over by Kerry and possibly Tom as well, with them being his bandmates for over 30 years you would expect them to treat him better than this. I don't think Jon should be blamed for any of this as he's just filling a vacant spot like Paul Bostaph did in the 90s, but there is so much douchebaggery in this case. Hopefully Dave will find luck with his future projects.
    He also stressed out that he most definitely holds anything against Lombardo Holds anything against Lombardo? Man, he must really hate the guy! He also needs to relax if he's so stressed out.
    I noticed that glaring error too. I've said it before: UG really should proofread their articles before posting them.
    Personally i dont give a s**t, Lombardo was great, obv Kerry King has an ego problem but Slayer are just an overated part of "the big 4"
    The 'big 4' is more like a big joke anyways...metallica is hardly metal anymore...megadeth isnt really thrashy...i dont even know what to say about anthrax other than Scotts awesome but i personally dont like their music...and slayer always kinda sounded the same.
    I agree with this as a long-time Megadeth fan. I also believe though that being metal or thrashy doesn't make a band "good" or "bad". I think it's where your heart is. Metallica's done. Megadeth is still kicking, Dave's voice just isn't what it used to be, but he's still trying and they're writing some really cool stuff and keep a live energy going. I have to agree with Anthrax but at least they're kind of still trying and Scott is really cool. I've never understood the nut busted for Slayer. I agree with "kinda sounded the same" in every possible sense. Regardless, Lombardo is amazing. I wonder if he'll do more with Fantomas in the future
    Yeah i didnt say megadeth was bad just not thrashy the 'big 4' is supposed to be thrash metal bands...and i hope Lombardo doesnt give up drumming atleast
    Well there goes another band to the ground. they have their legacy and good albums...but man, how can you fire DAVE LOMBARDO!? you gotta be nuts.
    He seems like an ok guy, but Kerry just acted like a big ***** here. I don't think Lombardo should ever come back, not after this whole mess
    Guess this guys kinda caught in the middle of it, i mean most metal fans wouldnt turn down playing in Slayer. Such a bad move on Kings part though, Lombardos a great player and deserves better.
    Based on what's going on here, clearly Geoff Tate and Kerry King are good friends and they give each other "musical advice".
    link no1
    I wouldn't want any type of advice from a guy who I doubt knows where the A string is...
    I've said it time and time again, Jeff and Dave need to just leave Slayer and join forces.
    I'm a huge fan of Lombardo but Jon Dette is a decent replacement... his work with Testament was great.
    Rob Man
    I Like (Jon Dette) as a drummer. He was available to join Slayer because there apparently was an oppertunity. I have nothing against him... BUT this is no longer Slayer anymore. It's just some extras, headed by Kerry King. Have some pride and put Slayer to rest if this is the case.
    Although I'm a huge slayer fan, and i absolutely love Dave Lombardo... (One of my biggest inspirations and idols and I'm a guitarist! haha) Jon Dette majorly impressed me at the Sydney Soundwave... and of course Gary Holt annihilated Jeff's sections... But It's still not the same without those two... I'm just going to continue to hope for the best and 1 day see them all together tearing shit up...
    Carl Hungus
    I like how Clive Burr died today and UG still has not reported that yet they keep the rumor mill going strong on this story.
    I don't really have anything to say that others haven't said already but I think it's stupid that the word retard is censored but there's an "Adult Friend Finder" ad on this article. What happened to family friendly? EDIT: Turns out retard isn't censored. I'm sure it used to be. Also I just noticed the ad is in french.
    ''He also stressed out that he most definitely holds anything against Lombardo and feels no animosity whatsoever.'' Wut?
    It's a shame that a lot of bands seem to think they can just get rid of drummers on a whim. Bit of a lack of respect there.
    You gotta ask yourself though, if I've been in a band for thirty years with someone, there's definitely going to be a strong sense of camaraderie there among the band mates. So if someone and I decide to kick out a long time friend, there must be a problem with the member being kicked out. Now I agree that King is a D-bag, but too me Tom has always been a fundamental piece to Slayer, and he's essentially agreed to what's happened by going along with it. I also think Dave is a fantastic drummer and you hear nothing but good things about him, but we don't know for sure what could be going on.Also we don't know if Tom and/or King have talked to Jeff..