Duff McKagan and Mike McCready To Jam With Seattle Orchestra

The performance will feature orchestral versions of songs by Pearl Jam, Nirvana and other '90s grunge bands.

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Duff McKagan has revealed to VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner that he will join Mike McCready for the Pearl Jam guitarist's performance with the Seattle Symphony in January at Seattle's Benaroya Hall, Blabbermouth reports.

McCready will be taking part in a series called "Sonic Evolution", which is being curated by the orchestra's music director Ludovic Morlot. The series brings musicians from local pop, rock and hip-hop acts together with the symphony to collaborate and create different perspectives on the music itself.

The January 30 performance starring McCready and the Seattle Symphony will feature orchestral versions of songs from acts like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and other Seattle bands that defined the "grunge" era of the early '90s.

McKagan told VH1 Radio Network: "You know, I think I'm doing that gig with him. I didn't even know that was announced yet. He had brought something up about it a couple months ago and I'm pretty tight with Mike, we've been good buddies since we were about 16 or so. So it might be him and I and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, Mad Season and Walking Papers."

The most recent concert in the series found the symphony playing an orchestral rendition of "Baby Got Back" with rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot.

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    I thought it worked pretty well with Alice in Chanis
    Check out their cover of Kashmir too!
    Guns N' Roses was not "Grunge". And Kurt Cobain hated Pearl Jam - why is McCready playing NIRVANA songs? Wouldn't mind hearing orchestral versions of the 90's Seattle Scene but they should probably involve members of the bands who's music will be played...
    Duff is from Seattle. I'd say that makes him part of the Seattle scene.
    This needs to stop. It doesn't work.
    Yeah it does:
    Winger blows. So bad. The worst of the mainstream hair. Brutal songs, cheese city. The epitome of everything that grunge needed to tear down. Twisted sister, the Crue (obviously) 80's scorpions (nothin on 70's scorps), ratt, original skid row, WASP, some cinderella, I hate to say even some poison. But winger, can't stand em. Broots!
    Of course, with the exception of The scorps, none of these bands did the symphony thing, but I just get fired up whenever Winger is ever mentioned. The worst.
    Musically Winger kicks all of those bands asses, except maybe Skid Row. Ignore the hype brah.
    Wondering how these classically trained musicians who put in hours a day maintaining the highest levels of skill would want to bother backing up a bunch of 1-4-5 rock guys. I guess if the money's there, it's easy enough to play the songs.