Duff McKagan Joining Guns N' Roses at This Year's Golden Gods Awards

Could we be getting closer to Duff's full-on return?

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After rejoining Guns N' Roses for a string of South American tour dates, bassist Duff McKagan is now scheduled to perform with the band at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards, the official release has confirmed.

The ceremony will take place tomorrow (April 23) at Los Angeles' Club Nokia. Apart from rocking the stage, frontman Axl Rose is also set to receive the prestigious Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award.

"Thanks to everyone who made this run fun!" the band stated via Instagram. "And one last but most DUFFinitely not least mention. A big and special thanks to Duff McKagan for joinin' us on these last 5 shows and kickin' a-s. From this time 'til next time - so long."

As reported, the award show will be aired on VH1 Classic on May 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The list of nominees includes the likes of Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath and more. Full details here.

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    This just in Duff McKagan takes a shit, while Axl Rose was outside the bathroom door listening.
    axl gets the Lifetime Achievement Award? for what? taking a lifetime to make Chinese Democracy?
    let's just stop reporting each individual thing and report where this is actually going *fast forward 2 weeks* Duff Mckagan officially rejoins Guns 'n' roses and then bring on the "WAHWAHWAH NOW WE JUST NEED SLASH NOT REAL GNR BLAHBLAH" comments to come along
    People actually just want to see Axl, Duff and Slash together. But the only cool thing would be with Izzy and Steven too. Just the 5 of them, but that's never gonna happen.
    Steven would be more than up for it now that he's sorted himself out. I think Izzy's just said he's not too keen on touring
    Even if they just did one show they'd make millions. I'd put my issues aside with someone for that.
    1, not a big deal, Duff was jumping in and out of live shows with GNR for a while now. 2, this isn't still doesn't mean we're anywhere close to GNR reuniting officially (Matt Sorum counts as officially cuz no1 cares abut Adler) cuz good look getting Izzy to rejoin he's donezo with that band for sure 3, Axl will never, i repreat, NEVER! let Slash back in the band because the feud is generating A LOT of attention for him, the only thing that Axl has to care about old GNR is keepin the feud going
    Actually, if you have LinkedIn you can see that Axl has given Saul Hudson a good recommendation. lol
    The problem with a GnR reunion is that Axl sounds terrible now. I'd rather see the four of them tour with Myles Kennedy. That being said, I don't think it necessarily has to be the original lineup to be "real GnR". The Use Your Illusion lineup could reform. Maybe even Gilby Clarke could come in if Izzy doesn't want to do it.
    no one cares about Adler? Uh yeah, a lot of people do. Adler has awesome style an groove. May not be the most technical, but he's the backbone to the ORIGINAL GnR. Besides, the guy is always smiling and giving the thumbs up when he's playing. What's not to love.
    Its pretty ****in' crazy seeing that picture. Duff is sitting in a plane with "Guns N' Roses". I wonder what must be going through his head... Just thinking about how all five original members came up from pretty much being bums to accomplishing all this amazing shit and creating amazing music together. When you create music like that together with someone else its a soul bonding experience and it seems like Axl doesn't give two ****s about it. I seriously can't see how he can continue on calling themselves GNR when none of these guys lived through ANY of that shit. Flying in a ****ing private jet. Duff must be thinking, "Damn, all this was once mine, and now this guy has 10 other people riding the success that I helped build. And having 10 people that can't even pull off half the sound of what the original five of us could". I can't see how the new guys can even sit in Duff's presence knowing this shit either.