Duff McKagan Joins Make-A-Wish To Make Boy's Dream Come True

The Make-A-Wish foundation teamed up with Duff McKagan to help make a cancer-stricken boy's rock dream come true.

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The Make-A-Wish foundation teamed up with Duff McKagan to help make a cancer-stricken boy's rock dream come true.

NWCN Seattle reports 13-year-old Simone Capelli headlined Seattle's Hard Rock Café on Tuesday with some help from McKagan and local band Rewind.

"Tonight is about making him feel like a rock star," said Wish Manager, Jessie Elenbaas.

Make-A-Wish is an international foundation, and the branch in Italy called on Make-A-Wish in Seattle to help create this special night, according to Elenbaas.

The Make-a-Wish foundation took notice of Capelli because of his battle with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease. "He is very fragile right now, but his prognosis is good. He is getting better," said Elenbaas. "I hope this night helps cushion what he's been going through."

"Simone is just a cool kid, he is cooler than most," said McKagan, former bassist for Guns N' Roses. "It's not about me or any grown ups."

To support Make-A-Wish and/or to find a local chapter in your area, visit the foundation's website here.

Thanks to Hennemusic for the report.

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    I love when people do this for kids. Kudos Mr. McKagan. P.S. your a great Bass Player too!!
    This guy really is my idol now! he truly cares about people and isn't stuck up or anything like other rockstars. And to Simone, great playing kid! I wish you all of the best!
    I've always thought Duff to be one of the coolest "Rockstars". This just proves why.
    Duff's the man. He did the rockstar thing, got over it, turned to a family man remained cool as ****..and Loaded rocks.
    Hats-off to Duff now. This was classy. BTW, may the kid get well soon, too. Cancer is probably the worst shit someone can get.
    Joshua Garcia
    Meanwhile, Axl is STILL being a jackass.
    Guess what, slash is also an ass that cant get over the past, steven adler is a drugged out ass... what do you expect when you give young people so much money. They arent the first in history, its nothing special, get over it.
    Joshua Garcia
    1.) If Slash is an ass, at least he's not enough of an ass to not attend the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame awards. 2.) If Steven Adler is a drugged out ass, at least he's not enough of a drugged out ass to not attend the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame awards. 3.) Is that really your expectations for all young people with lots of money? I mean, we JUST READ an article proving Duff is, in fact, NOT an ass. And besides, the Guns N Roses we knew and loved EARNED that money. 4.) I NEVER said they were the first in history, so don't tell me to 'get over it', mmmkay bruh?
    Anybody else blows off the R'n'R HOF and people praise them for it. Axl Rose doesn't and he's considered ungrateful. But hey, that's what happens when dealing with a biased prejudice.
    *Axl doesn't do it... no damn edit button
    Joshua Garcia
    Yeah, that's nice and all, but he made his intentions for not going clear as day. He wants absolutely nothing to do with any of them because he thinks he's perfect. It would be perfectly fine if he just didn't want to, but to pretty much just say "screw that band, I'm my own man now" is just rude to both the band and the fans.
    Actually, he did make his reasoning clear. However, it wasn't exactly for what you said. He said he researched the organization, and he wasn't sold on the integrity of it, on top of the nonstop bombardment from the media and swirling rumors that lasted for months. Then he also cited the fact that he seemed unwanted at the ceremony if he wasn't willing to perform with the original lineup, as well as not exactly being happily with many of the things former members were saying in their interviews. All in all, he came to the conclusion that he didn't respect the organization, they didn't respect him, and nobody really wanted him there if he wasn't playing with Slash, etc. I really think he wasn't wrong, considering everyone's opinion on the matter. I would have loved to have seen him perform there, whether it was with the classic GN'R lineup or not, but I completely respect his decision.
    Good to see someone with so much influence making such an impression on someone's life. Definitely inspirational =)
    This is one of many reasons Duff's a hero to me. Reading his autobiography, there's so much about Duff that makes him an awesome person.
    I read Slash's, Duff's and Adler's books, Duff's is by far the better read. As someone mentioned above, he appears to be a great guy. He went through hell, but got his shit sorted out and came out the other end a much better person. He schooled himself in finance, has a better outlook on life, does is kick-boxing and whatever. This is the type of role-model kids need today. Fuck those hip-hop gangsta goons in their arses.
    Yes, Duff's the most intellectually inclined of the GN'R mob. I agree, he seems like a super-cool guy. Need to look out for his book.
    How can anybody thumbs down this article? This is very awesome of Duff and I hope Simone makes a full recovery.
    My respect for Duff, as well as my faith in humanity, has just gone up a little.
    I like it whenever rockstars, or any celebrity does this. Duff just went up in my book. I await the day a kid wants GWAR to visit him in the hospital.
    Really, saying the boy barely speaks English? The **** do you think? He's 13 and lives in ITALY.
    an article that has something to do with GnR but no Slash vs Axl Rose. UG is slowly improving
    Kudos to Duff for making this kid's dream come true. This just goes to show what a class act he really is. My hat is off to him.
    That's great : Am I the only one who thought the front page photo of Duff looked like he was wearing some sort of mask made of wax?
    He deserves to have a beer named after him, even if it's in the simpsons
    Duff's bio is super inspiring. Not as much dirt as Slash's, but it works.