Duff McKagan Performs First Reunion Show With GN'R, Video Footage Surfaces

"Please give a hearty welcome to the new guy, Mr. Duff McKagan," Axl Rose tells the Buenos Aires crowd.

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Bassist Duff McKagan played the first of five live reunion shows with Guns N' Roses this Sunday (April 6) in Buenos Aires, marking his first full-on GN'R performance in 17 years.

As reported, Duff is filling in for the band's regular bassist Tommy Stinson, who is reuniting with his original band the Replacements and was unable to make the shows.

Before kicking off the Misfits cover "Attitude" with McKagan on vocals. singer Axl Rose told the crowd (via Blabbermouth): "Our regular bass player, Mr. Tommy Stinson, is doing a show at Coachella with the Replacements, so we had to try to find a new guy. He's hanging in there. [Please give] a hearty welcome to the new guy, Mr. Duff McKagan."

In an official statement, McKagan expressed a great deal of excitement over the brief reunion. "It's pretty great to play these songs again, and I'm looking forward to playing some gigs with my pal again," he said. "South America is always a radical place for rock 'n' roll, and I'm honored to be doing this thing, in that place."

The rest of the GN'R shows featuring Duff on bass are set to take place in Asuncion, Paraguay on April 9, La Paz, Bolivia on April 12, Recife, Brazil on April 15 and Fortaleza, Brazil on April 17.

Stinson seemed equally excited about McKagan's latest stint, saying, "I didn't want to f--k anyone up in Guns by saying, 'Hey, I can't do this tour' or anything like that. Luckily someone was able to reach out to Duff and he was amenable to the idea and was into doing it. It's Duff being the kind of good sport he is, trying to help Axl out. So I'm like, 'Thanks, dude, for covering my a-s on this one.' I think people are gonna be really stoked about it. It's gonna be fun for everyone.

"He's a f--king great bass player," Tommy added. "[The shows are] gonna be a breeze. The only bummer is I don't get to see one of the shows he plays, especially after playing his f--king parts for 17 years. It would be interesting to see how he plays them. There's a couple things I could use some pointers on."

Footage from the show was quick to surface, so make sure to check "It's So Easy," "Live and Let Die," "Attitude," "Patience" and "Civil War" performances below.

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    Now if Axl would put aside his foolish gripe with slash we can get on with the real band playing together again.Come on Axl grow up,your only 50 years old for goodness sake.
    WOW Axl is a fatass. Great news tho, would love to hear the whole band get back together without KFChead and those other monkeys on the stage. Original line up would be amazing.
    I know this is an awesome thing, but how many ****en people in the audience are holding up ****en smartphones! Can't people enjoy a concert anymore without a smartphone!
    Seriously this. It's impossible to get a good photo at a concert with a professional camera, let alone a phone. You can basically forget about video, too. You want a decent keepsake, buy a T-shirt or an album.
    why does every GNR fan assume axl is the problem? maybe it's slash that has the problem
    I think it's well documented at this point who has the 'problem'. Also consider the fact that while Chinese Democracy was being released, two former GnR members were in Velvet Revolver with Slash. Can't see why they would leave GnR and Axl behind to play with Slash if it wasn't down to Axl. Good to see some of the old band members slowly starting to reconnect though. Doubt Slash and Axl will ever get there, but here's hoping! I remember Izzy played with the New GnR a while back too, so perhaps it's not too far-fetched after all!
    How can Axl not be the problem? Steven-Fired by Axl. Izzy-Quit because of Axl. Gilby-fired by Axl. Matt-fired by Axl. Slash-left because of Axl, and the same with Duff. And ole Dizzy Reed must suck a mean cock to still be there, cause they never needed a keyboard player.
    Izzy quit because he was sober and didn't want to be around that lifestyle anymore. Just imagine being the designated driver every day of your life and having to put up with drunk and high people around you all the time.
    Dont forget that ever since Appetite, Axl demanded 25% of writing credits while the rest were 20% and Steven 15%. What a ****in joke
    That seems fair though, Axl was contributing lyrics and music, Slash/Duff/Izzy were contributing music and Steven wasn't writing anything.
    King Bluesy
    I don't know why anyone thinks anyone is a problem, they all got other things going on and don't need a reunion. I'm sure they are all nice guys bu sometimes people just don't want to be around certain people.
    I'd say Slash has contributed more to the "fued" than he lets on. Remember years ago when Axl claimed that Slash showed up at his front door and called Scott Weiland a fraud and Duff Mckagan spineless, at first Slash denied that he went to Axl's house at all but later claimed he went there drunk but Axl wasn't home.
    No, just no. Slash is like THE most humble rockstar ever. He's totally passive and not looking for drama in any way, it's just his personality. That's why he loves working with Myles Kennedy.
    At least publicly, Slash has been the bigger man during the whole ordeal. At this point, I would think the feud is mostly media and fans talking, but in the past, the part the public could see was all Axl being the problem.
    Oh I don't know. Maybe its because Axhole's managed to get rid of everyone in the band. Maybe it's because after calling Slash a cancer and hiring employee's to fill all the roles, he's only put out one album of original material in 23 years. If Slash was such a cancer, how is it that even without Slash, Axhole can't bother to do anything. And Axhole still shows up late, totally shitting on the fans that gave him the rich lifestyle he's been privileged to live. I don't care if you like everything Slash, Izzy, Duff and Adler have done, but at least they're still creating. If Slash was the problem, that doesn't explain why no other original members are left. And if Slash was the problem, how is it that Duff and Sorum were able to form VR with him. Axhole is the problem.
    Shows up late? Saw them last summer. Was told they'd be on at 10:15...they started playing at 103!
    Why would you skip a GNR show to play with the Replacements? I know GNR is not what they used to be but that still seems like a step backwards.
    Tommy Stinson is one of the original members of The Replacements. That's where his home is and I'm sure he has a lot of loyalty towards that band.
    It's so easy... to tell who grew up watching what lineup of Guns N Roses just from these comments. The real Guns N Roses were Axl, Slash, Steven, Duff and Izzy.
    Id rather see Slash, Izzy, Duff and Adler with Myles Kennedy. Axl sounds terrible. I bet Gilby and Sorum would show up if Axl wasnt involved,..and I think Myles would sound a HELL of a lot better!
    Sure, nothing better than temporarily replacing the replacement with the original. Can't get more excited for guns than that.
    I like how even he says "I've been playing HIS parts". Get the band back together, Axel. Or tour under YOUR own name solo. I would be thrilled at the chance to see Axel Rose touring solo, even if the ticket price is the same as the Faux-G'NR. I'd rather pay $40 for a ticket to see "Axel Rose" then $30 to see "G'nR" (Although we all know that the ticket prices are alot higher then that due to the brand name of the band name) Either way, in the words of Princess Leia: "If Money is all that you care about, then THAT is what you shall receive"
    A year ago they said they were about done with there new lp whats up with that is there any news on a new record
    That patients was sooooo horrible please just accept the band is over there will never be a original GNR and axl's vocals has gone 2 shit
    It's definitely not the 1990 GnR, but they still sound pretty decent. I didn't think Patience sounded bad at all. We all have to consider the man is twice his age from when these songs were recorded and especially with his style of singing you can understand ones voice changes somewhat over time. You don't hear people complaining all the time about how James Hetfield's voice has changed drastically since Kill Em All came out. Give it a break and just be happy there's at least some resemblance of GnR still left that can be enjoyed in a live atmosphere.
    THE REPLACEMENTS ARE ACTUALLY BACK TOGETHER? I'm sorry I hate The Axl Rose Band and The Replacements are one of my all time favorite bands so Tommy Stinson doing Replacements stuff the best news to me in this article.
    Now if we can only talk slash, gilby and matt into doing a few shows. wouldn't that be nice?
    izzy and steven. not gilby and matt.
    And we already know Steven would be more than up for it.
    yeah it would be great... but steven have a problem... Drugs... so his done!
    No, he's clean and can drum like an animal again.
    his face during the RNR Hall of Fame show they did was great, he ****ing loves playing with the old GNR guys and its so good to see him clean too
    Yeah it is man, he turns into a little kid again when he's behind the drums playing with his old bandmates. I wish AXL weren't such an a**hole....
    We've read the books right? I'm pretty sure Izzy SHOULD be there. I mean, he'd commit to a tour, right? And Matt is sure fire. The band needed him anyway. Slash and Duff go without saying.
    I seriously think Slash may tour his next album then something might happen!
    You think he might an album? Where did you get this information from? I don't believe it. It just wouldn't make any sense.
    I mean Slash will tour his own next album, then something may happen..i dunno just a feeling i get
    I wish! Won't happen though, and VR will never happen again either. Slash is having the time of his life with his band now.
    Are you asking if Slash is going to tour and/or produce an album? If so, yeah man, he's been given'r for a few months now and will be releasing it soon enough.
    At this point, I think a lot of us don't care about it anymore. Yeah, it's great to see Duff play with Axl and Izzy as well. But the fact remains, there are some band members from the Appetite Days and Use Your Illusion days that simply don't want to put up with Axl's tendencies during tours. Shows still go on late, he still berates fans for stupid things, sometimes justified things. He still goes crazy at just about anything. I think Slash or Matt don't want to play with him, maybe Duff does, maybe Izzy does, Steven no doubt probably wants to stay away. Basically put, you aren't going to see a reunion any time soon and the way Axl sings now, I'm not sure I'd want to even if EVERYTHING else fell into place.