Duff McKagan Reportedly Reuniting With Guns N' Roses

Bassist posts very strong hints for rejoining hard rock icons for South American dates, details inside.

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Bassist Duff McKagan posted a very strong hint that he'll be rejoining hard rock icons Guns N' Roses, at least for a South American tour.

Although many fans consider Duff's return to GN'R an impossible endeavor, the bassist did appear onstage with the band in the past few years, making cameos in 2010 and 2011 when opening for the band with his group Loaded.

Anyhow, the biggest sign was unveiled by McKagan himself on Twitter, as he posted a photo of a GN'R setlist, along with a note, "Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil! See y'all in the next few weeks, Si? GNR."

Seeing that the Guns are set to hit the road of South America today (April 1), it seems fairly obvious that we can expect to see Duff rocking out with GN'R once again, at least for a little while.

As Blabbermouth reports, GN'R bassist Tommy Stinson is scheduled to reunite with his original band the Replacements for a set of two Coachella dates in mid-April, making him unable to perform with the Guns.

According to the same source, McKagan will perform with the band in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the April 6 concert, followed by shows in Asuncion, Paraguay on April 9, La Paz, Bolivia on April 12 and then finally rock two cities in Brazil - Recife on April 15 and Fortaleza on April 17.

Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil! See y'all in the next few weeks, Si? GNR. pic.twitter.com/nO0GvreaH7

- Duff McKagan (@DuffMcKagan) March 31, 2014

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    I refuse to believe this today
    There was also an article about Mustain commenting on Metallica albums.. soooo.. one of them is true? :/
    Just checked his Twitter, either he's trolling or UG are trolling.
    No Chinese Demo stuff? And closing with Raw Power and Attitude!? Is Axl feeling punk all the sudden?
    King Bluesy
    assume it's just stuff he has to practice, not an actual order and no guarantees it will all be played
    These rumours have been around since the start of GNR South American tour a week ago. So this might be true.
    5 shows. Axl will be late as usual that 5 shows is all Duff will be able to take.
    Why did I get the feeling I was going to run into a GNR reunion article today?
    If they Said Slash was reuniting with Axl it be an obvious April Fools Joke either way chances are this is a prank
    There's an actual tweet from Duff's official Twitter embedded in the article... what's wrong with all you people? Just read some of the comments on Facebook raging how all news today are fake, it's like a retard parade there
    He should have ended it with something about seeing backstage pics from rehearsal and there being a top hat laying around.
    What if tommy quits gnr, perhaps duff is the best choice to return for good.
    I saw this yesterday also. If you're going to do an April Fools prank, why not say the original line-up is getting back together. Duff played with them in 2004. This isn't that far-fetched.