Eagles Guitarist To Run For Congress?

artist: Eagles date: 08/03/2012 category: music news
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Eagles Guitarist To Run For Congress?
Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has joked about running for office since 1980 when he ran a joke capping for the presidency. Now he's decided to take politics more seriously, and according to a new interview, he could run for Congress. I think I would run seriously, and I think I would run for Congress, Walsh told Wash FM (via Ultimate Classic Rock). The root of the problem is that Congress is so dysfunctional. We're dead in the water until Congress gets to work and passes some new legislation to change things. Walsh believes he could represent the concerns of real people better than politicians who live in a different world to the rest of the country: I think if you pay attention to Congress and vote for people from where we're all from, and if we can elect [people who are] not politicians that are from where we're from, I think we can get something done. So I might run for Congress and see if I can stir up the hornets. Meanwhile, the guitarist is touring his new solo album "Analog Man" to intimate venues, where he'll also be performing some Eagles classics along the way. What do you think of musicians becoming politicians? Can they do better than the ones we have right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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