Eagles Guitarist To Run For Congress?

Joe Walsh wants to make a bid for Congress, this time serious.

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Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has joked about running for office since 1980 when he ran a joke capping for the presidency.

Now he's decided to take politics more seriously, and according to a new interview, he could run for Congress.

I think I would run seriously, and I think I would run for Congress, Walsh told Wash FM (via Ultimate Classic Rock). The root of the problem is that Congress is so dysfunctional. We're dead in the water until Congress gets to work and passes some new legislation to change things.

Walsh believes he could represent the concerns of real people better than politicians who live in a different world to the rest of the country:

I think if you pay attention to Congress and vote for people from where we're all from, and if we can elect [people who are] not politicians that are from where we're from, I think we can get something done. So I might run for Congress and see if I can stir up the hornets.

Meanwhile, the guitarist is touring his new solo album "Analog Man" to intimate venues, where he'll also be performing some Eagles classics along the way.

What do you think of musicians becoming politicians? Can they do better than the ones we have right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Yeah, Washington politicians are so disconnected from the rest of us. Rock stars are so much down to Earth.
    Politicians cater to the super rich and flip the finger to the citizens. If you don't row with everyone in congress, you will be thrown overboard. Don't do it Joe, ask Jesse Ventura.
    Don't know if he's really serious. They say he's crazy, but looks like he's just having a good time.
    when i'm president i'm changing wasington dc to washington ac/dc.heres joe's slogan but joe in walshington
    INSULIN wrote: when i'm president i'm changing wasington dc to washington ac/dc.heres joe's slogan but joe in walshington
    Joe Walsh for congress? I would would vote for him. Don Henley for congress? Nope.
    Right now we have a crappy 2 party system where PAC's rule. We need to be able to get someone closer to the people involved. I'm not saying it's Joe Walsh, but it's a start and he makes a good point of Congress being dysfunctional.
    I like the idea he's putting out there, having people with normal lives take a couple of years and be in congress, instead of these career politicians who just take about my party this and that party did that.... ugh
    Always like it when people in music, sports and hollywood say they're gonna run for office since politicians are so out of touch. I dislike most politicians, but out of touch has to beat out of touch and brain dead from a vice filled lifestyle. Guessing Joe might be running under Willie Nelson's Green Tea Party, low taxes and pot for all, could get him enough votes.
    Epi g-310
    Y'know, I sort of doubt that he's as connected to the "real people" as he thinks he is. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he could do at least as good of a job as half the hacks in congress, but he's a rock star. If he was ever an average joe, he hasn't been for years.
    if he COULD do this, then thats great. more power to him. but from what i understand, it takes more than just an announcement to represent the common man and make some changes to get into congress. but if he;s seriously going for it, i believe in him and it'd be nice to see some change
    I can't wait until he gets in on some investigations, He's the guy you want Looking for Clues at he scene of the crime.