Eagles of Death Metal Recording New Album, Have Six Songs Ready

Homme might be busy with new QOTSA, but fresh Eagles are still on the way.

Ultimate Guitar

Josh Homme might be busy working on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, but he still managed to squeeze Eagles of Death Metal side project into his busy schedule.

Chatting with Themusic.com.au, the frontman confirmed that the band is in the studio with six fresh tunes and a "casual" working pace.

"I've actually been in the studio with Eagles of Death Metal," Josh kicked off. Asked on how many tracks the guys have lined up, the frontman gave a bit of a cryptic answer. "To be honest I don't know," he said. "But I think it's six, but it might be the letter 'L.'"

Pressed to give more info, Homme added, "That was confusing. No, I think it's about six by now." The frontman then concluded: "Yeah, we're just kinda working at a reasonable, sort of casual pace. We've got wandering and ambling down to a science."

The band's latest studio effort, "Heart On," saw its release in October 2008 via Downtown Recordings.

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    Seems hard to believe it's been about 6 years since their last album. Should be cool!