Early Hendrix Recordings to See the Light of Day

Rare tracks will finally be released after years of litigation.

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A total of 88 rare recordings by Jimi Hendrix will be remastered and released following the resolution of a long-running legal dispute.

The tracks were recorded between 1965-1967 during Hendrix's stint with Curtis Knight and the Squires, a New York-based R& B act. Following years of litigation, the songs now belong to his family company, Experience Hendrix LLC, and Sony Music's catalogue division.

According to Rolling Stone (via Classic Rock), the deal ends decades of legal wrangling between the Hendrix family and PPX Enterprises along with Ed Chalpin, who recorded the tracks.

The material will now be remastered by Eddie Kramer, who was behind some of Hendrix's best-loved albums and released over the next three years.

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    Kind of wish people would just let jimi die already. There's a reason he didn't release them while he was alive.
    or to put it more nicely, lets just enjoy the 3 records he put out when he was alive and remember him for that
    ...i didn't think that sounded mean
    Carl Hungus
    No one is forcing anyone to buy it. Plenty of far worse material has been released and it has not tarnished his legacy. Some people do have a genuine interest in the rarities.
    You did, otherwise you wouldn't have said mean, since he didn't even accused you of that.
    That sounds horrible. His family doesn't need to be releasing mediocre stuff just to profit from him, but he should never be considered dead (as no one who was good or did memorable stuff should).
    Am I the only person who's never listened to a second of his posthumous "studio" stuff? It all just seems like a cash grab to me.
    First Rays of The New Rising Sun is incredible. I find myself listening to it more than any other cd by Jimi. The guitar work is phenomenal. His music was heading in an amazing direction. Very sad it was cut short.
    Definitely check out First Rays of the New Rising Sun. Hendrix was planning a double (possibly triple) LP when he died. First Rays is all the tracks that he finished for that album.
    I think its extremely disrespectful to him as an artist (even if this is his sisters doing) because he clearly didn't want to release these tracks at the time for a reason. There is no way of protecting artists legacies if their family and record companies can continue to cash in on their legacy, its wrong!
    Some of them were actually slated for release (I think the entire First Rays album). He died while in the process of recording his 4th LP. People choose to totally forget that.
    It might be a cash grab, and it's despicable some family members of diseased celebrities are like this, but on the other hand it's better to have posthumous stuff than not have anything at all.
    I swear after they release these 88 tracks they'll find another 374 rare tracks..
    As for Chalpins many Hendrix releases everyone of them was poorly done period and only to cash in on Hendrix even when he was alive which then became the BOG album. Since the family now finally has the rights maybe we can get a desent result of it this time?
    No need for remastering, they are great as they are. Stop the milking