Early Metallica Producer: 'Lars Nailed the Machine Gun Part of 'One' in One Take'

artist: Metallica date: 08/11/2014 category: music news
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Early Metallica Producer: 'Lars Nailed the Machine Gun Part of 'One' in One Take'
Early Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen, the man who helmed the production of group's three classic efforts, recently shared quite a few tasty bits from back in the day, on of them being the much-discussed machine gun drum part of "One."

Asked by the Rock Hall about "...And Justice for All," Flemming noted that the album "was just hard to get because there were such intricate parts," explaining how the band was always setting the bar high, this time around requiring an extra amount of recording time.

Focusing on the mentioned drum pattern, the producer added, "There were a couple of the drum tracks on '...And Justice,' the whole album, that were kind of difficult; and strangely, what I would have thought was the most difficult part of all, which is the machine gun part of 'One,' that was all done in one take. Lars [Ulrich] just nailed that."

During the rest of the chat, Rasmussen discussed the initial contact with Metallica after the release of "Kill 'Em All," saying that the group had opted for recording in Copenhagen, Denmark mostly due to financial reasons. "They could get twice the amount of studio time in Europe compared to what it costs in the States," he said.

Moving on, the producer unveiled that "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was the very first track the band had recorded using a click-track. Switching to "Master of Puppets" title song, Flemming noted that the classic tune pretty much recorded itself.

"The whole 'Master' session was actually just one big smile. We had that positive energy thing where 'this is going to be the best album we've ever done; this is going to blow 'em all away,' and we all excelled, I think. That's a really, really good album," he said.

Finally, Rasmussen was asked to single out his favorite Metallica recording. "I would say 'Sanitarium' on 'Master of Puppets' is probably one of them," he replied. "That's the one with the mono-stereo - and I'm a sucker for that kind of s--t, you know, when you sit with headphones and you go, 'What the hell was that?'"

The producer concluded, "We all had this feeling where what we were doing, we were going to go a long way. We were going to change music history. And I think that was the project from the beginning. Also, you know, we think about it and they had their own thing going, and they had this tremendous energy, that kind of is a trademark for the band. They don't want to rely on MTV to play their videos, so they didn't make any videos, because they didn't care because that wasn't important to them. It's been like that with Metallica always."
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