Eddie Van Halen on KISS Audition: 'If It Happened, I Would Have Remembered It'

artist: Eddie Van Halen date: 03/18/2014 category: general music news

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Eddie Van Halen on KISS Audition: 'If It Happened, I Would Have Remembered It'
Van Halen news desk has responded to Gene Simmons' recent claim that Eddie Van Halen asked to join KISS in the early 1980s. Pulling out a rare interview from 1995, the website states (via Blabbermouth) that Van Halen doesn't believe the story was true:

"Not that I know of, unless I was so f--ked up, I don't remember ... They might have just asked me in passing, and I just kind of laughed it off, probably ... If it happened, I'm sure I would have remembered."

Speaking with Guitar World recently, Simmons noted that Eddie was very serious about leaving Van Halen to join KISS in 1982:

"He was so unhappy about how he and [David Lee] Roth were - or weren't - getting along ... Eddie said, 'I want to join KISS. I don't want to fight anymore with Roth. I'm sick and tired of it.' But I told him, 'Eddie, there's not enough room. You need to be in a band where you can direct the music. You're not going to be happy in KISS.' I talked him out of it. It didn't fit."
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