Eddie Van Halen on KISS Audition: 'If It Happened, I Would Have Remembered It'

Recently uncovered interview rebukes Gene Simmons' claims.

Ultimate Guitar

Van Halen news desk has responded to Gene Simmons' recent claim that Eddie Van Halen asked to join KISS in the early 1980s. Pulling out a rare interview from 1995, the website states (via Blabbermouth) that Van Halen doesn't believe the story was true:

"Not that I know of, unless I was so f--ked up, I don't remember ... They might have just asked me in passing, and I just kind of laughed it off, probably ... If it happened, I'm sure I would have remembered."

Speaking with Guitar World recently, Simmons noted that Eddie was very serious about leaving Van Halen to join KISS in 1982:

"He was so unhappy about how he and [David Lee] Roth were - or weren't - getting along ... Eddie said, 'I want to join KISS. I don't want to fight anymore with Roth. I'm sick and tired of it.' But I told him, 'Eddie, there's not enough room. You need to be in a band where you can direct the music. You're not going to be happy in KISS.' I talked him out of it. It didn't fit."

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    Gene Simmons needs to seriously wake the f up, and the UG writers need to wake up too, stop making an article on every little thing he claims had happened.
    Either Gene is full of crap or Eddie is too proud to release the truth. Either way they both seem so full of themselves.
    The difference is that Eddie has actually accomplished numerous remarkable things while Gene is simply pretty good at marketing.