Eddie Van Halen Was 'On Brink Of Death'

He almost died last week when an experiment with a cayenne-based detox diet caused "an explosion in his intestines".

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Eddie Van Halen almost died when he experimented with a spicy detox technique last week.

As previously reported, the 57-year-old guitarist was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery prompting the cancellation of Van Halen's remaining tour dates while he takes six month to recover.

Now details of his injury have emerged, suggesting he was on the brink of death after trying a cayenne-based detox diet which caused his intestines to "explode".

The controversial diet replaces food with a liquid mix of fruit, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It promises fast weight loss, but almost killed Eddie instead.

"Eddie's abdominal region was a disaster area," said a friend according to Radar Online. "The spicy treatment touched off an explosion in his intestines."

It could have been a messy and humiliating end for the legendary guitarist, but fortunately he's overcome the illness and needs no further surgery to recover.

"Janie was beside him the whole time and Wolf kept a constant vigil," said a source. "They were sick with worry because he was in so much pain, it really was touch and go. Valerie was scared to death Eddie was going to die. Although he's remarried, Eddie is still close to Valerie, and she was there for him the whole time."

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    Good point, have suggested a quick headline edit
    Uff, thanks. At least now people won't have a mini-heart attack like I had.
    Originally I thought the word 'was' would make people mistake it with something he did in the old days
    thats what i thought at first but i just read the article and figured it out. people need to stop bitching and read the article rather than always try to correct everything and make it perfect. most of the things on here is rock and roll. last time i checked correct grammar wasn't a top priority in rock. glad to hear he's getting better anyway.
    I guess you could say that in his intestines there was an..... Eruption.... YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAH
    After too much spicy stuff my intestines explode too but I don't get a UG story. All I get is red-eye and a burning ring of fire
    Someone I worked with did one of those cayenne pepper cleanses a few years ago - kept waiting for the guy to keel over one day. Don't see how anyone can think that's a good idea.
    ... because it's too hard to eat a balanced, nutritious, moderated diet and instead decide to replace your meals with a frankly retarded smoothie consisting of fruit, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Seems like a fantastic idea. I hope he gets well soon, but these diets need to be regulated more closely and people need to realise there's no effortless, quick fix to your health.
    Regulated? Really? You want the government to step in?
    He wants them to step in to making sure the companies don't false advertise - which many do. Would you want to start a diet you thought was a good idea, then nearly die because a TV infomercial said it was great?
    Exactly. The media needs to stop endorsing these diets and giving them the time of day when any expert will tell you they're stupid. Poor choice of words on my part, but people need to stop endorsing this.
    Well if it will keep people from dying then maybe, just maybe, someone could bother to watch these diets and maybe get rid of some of the ones that say..do this.
    Jesus Christ UG. Van Halen is NOT on the brink of death.
    Wish him a quick recovery. Now, I'm going to listen to "Fire in the Hole" ...
    If UG had used the words 'intestines' and 'eruption' together in this article, hate comments would rain down on the site.
    Well, I guess that would be... *Sunglasses* One hell of a shitstorm... *YEEEEEAAAAAHHH!*
    To be fair, if read closely, the article says that his abdominal region was a disaster to begin with. It was only after he tried the diet that all this crap went down. It's as if someone ate ten pounds of food and then a slice of Domino's Pizza put him over the edge. It's not something that was in that last slice of pizza, it's just the trigger that set the whole thing off. But that won't stop people from going: "OMG Domino'z Pizza is teh worst!!" Everyone just wants something to blame and the "controversial" diet is the easiest thing to blame it on. There won't be any lawsuits because I seriously doubt it was prescribed by his own doctor. People who do this diet do it on their own will. I'll admit that I did this diet a few months ago. It was a risk to take and people thought it was stupid, but I walked away better from it. Granted, I'm in my early-to-mid 20s instead of mid-to-late 50s. I also had a job and a lifestyle that didn't require me to do much. I'm sure if Eddie was rehearsing and has a hectic lifestyle and abdominal problems to begin with then this wasn't the smartest idea on his part. I also was never a fan of spicy foods. I'm sure it might've set the whole thing off, but it sounds like he had a bunch of junk in his system for it to be because of the diet.
    Hmmm. If you open the Radar Online article, it says "the new issue of the National Enquirer exclusively reveals." Not sure about validity....
    Seriously, I thought that he got worse... stop being so goddamn misleading with those titles, UG.
    it's not misleading, it says "was" not "is"
    See @UGtom's post just a few comments below... it was first posted as "Eddie Van Halen 'On Brink Of Death'" and then, due to the misleading, he changed to "Eddie Van Halen Was 'On Brink Of Death'".
    Cayenne is well known in SMALL quantities to help change your metabolism. What he did is just moronic though
    explosion is an overused word in rock N roll... after Duff McKagan Pancreas exploded it's now EVH intestines... next news Lemmy will have his balls implode
    C'mon Ed, you just need a balanced diet and exercise. Not those ridiculous diet stuff. We cannot affort to lose EVH. we just can't. Van Halen is the only legitimate Glam Metal band out there.
    I have never understood detox diets...surely he must have realized what an awful idea this was.
    @jayhaze88 Right! His intestine was a disaster because of diverticulitis, the same disease that cut Brock Lesnar's career short.
    Seriously though, this is why normal food plus regular exercise equals awesome and weird diets equal fail.
    Hey...the government brought us the wonderful taste of process canned cheese. Maybe we can get some processed canned cayenne peppers. Plus, all those poor individuals that live off of unemployment, aka taxpayers, would benefit from cayenne getting onto the approved food stamp list. Bring the Heat for our Chicken Wings Obama!