Edward Van Halen And Peavey Part Ways

Eddie Van Halen and Peavey part ways, Peavey creates new guitar and amp.

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Edward Van Halen and Peavey have had a great business relationship for the past 13 years. On December 21st, Peavey announced they have parted with him and are discontinuing the 5150 amp and the EVH Wolfgang guitars.

They are releasing a new model of amp and guitar to replace the 5150 and a new guitar to replace the Wolfgang. The new amp will be the model 6505 to represent the 40th anniversery of Peavey (1965 - 2005). It will use the same circuit as the 5150 and have the same tone. They will be releasing a guitar called the Carina (Beautiful in Italian) to replace the Wolfgang. They will have many of the same features as the Wolfgang, but be more consistant neck radius, not found on the Wolfgangs (CNC).

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    it seems that evh is selling himself out to all this crap.....i know but i was reading bout a heap of charvel evh replicas built for him.....WTF????
    korina is a type of wood used on the original '59 gibson flying v. i'm pretty sure there is no other guitar on the mass market right now with the carina name...
    the wood is corona not korina....ibabez destroyers were made out of this wood in the 70's
    Eddie Van Halen and Peavey has all been nothing but a big endorsement deal. He didn't design it and he never used it actually on stage or for recording. The 5150's he used on stage were filled with plexi and his guitars were totally custom materials. Neither is the same that Peavey actually sells. Everything I've heard from Peavey sucks.
    the musicman version of the EVH is 1000X better than the peavey although the 5150 is a pretty killer amp
    Most music companies have a certain sound that you find in all their products, from the cheapest to the costliest. Sony, JBL, and Neumann always sound good to me. Even cheap $10 speakers from Sony have that Sony sound. Everything I ever heard from Peavey has sounded the same - horrible. If I had to use Peavey gear I would quit music. The case handles and corners are okay I guess...
    mick mars 2
    K, **** u whoever disses peaveys! whats so bad about them anyways? Lamb of God, Van Halen, Fozzy, all use peaveys. They sound great, play great, and ARE GREAT
    mick mars 2
    jackson_friedma wrote: the musicman version of the EVH is 1000X better than the peavey although the 5150 is a pretty killer amp
    Yeah, i saw one in a GW buyer's guide, i'm like "that's a wolfgang :S" pretty cool though