Eighth Grade Metal Band to Be Subjects of Feature-Length Documentary

Unlocking the Truth's incredible story to be told on film.

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Unlocking the Truth, the teenage Brooklyn Band sweeping the States, will be the subject of a feature-length documentary.

The band, consisting of members aged 12 and 13 years old, recently signed a $1.7 million contract with Sony Music, which includes an advance of $60,000 on a two-album deal with an option for four more records.

According to the Hollywood Reporter (via Gigwise), the young trio will be shown signing this deal in Los Angeles and will be directed by Luke Meyer.

The band are the youngest group ever to perform on the main stage at Coachella. As well as achieving this, the band was also featured on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour and opened for Guns N'Roses in Las Vegas as well as Queens of the Stone Age.

The film's producer, Molly Smith, spoke of the group highly saying: "The eighth graders are honest and sincere and represent individuality and incredible talent for their age," said Smith. "The piece spoke to us, as it has a great message about being yourself and following your dreams, regardless of the hurdles one must overcome."

There is currently no date set on the film's release or when Unlocking the Truth's first album will be released.

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    I hope that the music industry doesn't screw this up. This is a great chance to introduce new generations to heavier music, so let's hope that they're not turned into cash magnet puppets.
    Man, I wish the same but I think they're too young to handle the music industry. There's a serious chance they'll be trainwrecks by 17. They're really talented though and I hope they make killer records as well.
    I'm also concerned by the fact that they're signed to Sony. Labels like Relapse and Metal Blade would've been a lot cooler for a metal band imo, and even labels like Nuclear Blast and Century Media would've been better than Sony.
    That's what I'm talking about, mainstream success will hit them like a hammer. It's not worth it if they're in rehab and shunned by the metal community by the time they hit 20.
    These kids sound great. That said, there's so many more bands with so much more experience that are so much more prolific and sound so much better. How are these kids worth a $1.7 million record deal?
    Obviously for the publicity. Sony is probably banking on the fact that their age will help them sell more records. I hope they succeed those, it's good to see kids getting into metal.
    Of course they're going to be screwed, if not now, they will be later (which is the sad thing). This could be metal's justin bieber, if we/they aren't careful... (he has talent, but the music industry turned him into the little brat we all know him to be).
    Is it just me or is it too soon for a documentary? Now don't get me wrong I'm excited for these guys and they definitely have an interesting story to tell, but that's just the way it seems to me. I think it should at least come out after their first album, then it would also act as promotion for the record.
    I know these guys are inspirational, but the documentary will be dragged out, I bet. Like you said, it's a little early for a documentary to be made. Make a documentary when they are actually quite popular through music, and not because of how young they are, when they will have good stories to tell.
    I was a huge supporter from the first article, and I'm even inclined to agree here. Looks like they're just turning into a cash cow for Sony...
    Am i the only one here who thinks this whole million dollar record deal with 12 year olds is dumb as ****? I just don't understand..
    I saw these guys open for QOTSA in Philly last weekend... Not exactly my type of music, BUT very impressive for their age. They've talent, confidence, seemed to have their heads on right, and put on an alright show. I've a feeling all this attention is going to ruin this band before they even get started... Going to throw money at them, give them their "15 seconds of fame," (metal aimed to attract kids), then just drop them
    They aren't ready. They're being taken advantage of and it very well may ruin their careers.
    They are 13 year olds, they do not have careers yet. On the contrary this might be the beginning of their careers.
    They're really young, anything may count as an experience to them at the moment. Plus when they're older and more mature they can redefine their carees by themselves.
    If Sony is doing this in hopes of trying to attract a bunch of metalheads to buy stuff, then it's not going to work. I love these kids for what they do and all, but it's not like I would buy their album and go to all their concerts. Poor kids...they should have waited and built more presence while improving their songwriting/technical skills. Even then, they could have had a better chance being signed to an actual metal label.
    I agree. They might attract casual listeners based on their gimmick, but most metal fans won't care if the music is sub-par (which in all honesty, it is). There's also the point of them being instrumental. Aside from EDM, instrumental music doesn't sell in the mainstream (excluding the virtuosos). The best thing Sony can do is get some reputable guest vocalist(s) to give their songs more appeal to both the underground and mainstream audiences.
    My Last Words
    Make a documentary about Chon. No offense, but they are approximately 10 times more talented.
    They're excellent, but they don't have the "we're 13 and African-American and playing metal" appeal factor that these guys have, much as I'd love to see a documentary on Chon.
    I am glad that this 8th grade metal band exists. Metal knows no gender, race, religion, class, orientation, or age. I prefer that talent prevails over lack of talent, but having not actually heard this 8th grade band yet, I can say that at least it's different, so good for them, hope they don't get super screwed.
    I saw a video of their last Times Square show and aside from the fact that their presence needs work, they are really talented. Super cool doom kind of stuff.
    Metal is the most racist genre of all. You can see how many racists there are on this website, upvoting and commenting positively on Ted Nugent racist speech for instance.
    You're totally right, man. Chon is light years ahead. I've checked out a couple of this band's (Unlocking The Truth) songs and, honestly, they're bland, repetitive, metal-by-numbers. I hate how kids are expected to suck, and when some are marginally talented, everybody goes nuts. I've seen kids who are much younger and way more talented.
    "When I first heard Bullet For My Valentine I knew, right then and there, that I wanted to be just like them, except black." There. I did the documentary for them. Where's my money, Sony?
    No offense to kids wanting to get into any kind of music ....but....they really are not that accomplished and certainly not ready for prime time....don't understand what all the hullabaloo is about other than the sad fact of what passes for talent these days.....
    Why? I'm dead serious, why? What have they really done to warrant a feature length documentary? They're young, black and can play instruments, big f*cking deal, documentary done. They're 12/13, there's no interesting story, their playing is decent but nothing outstandingly praiseworthy. It's a cash-in, try and tell me otherwise.
    link no1
    I was thinking 'GIMMICK' the first time I saw these guys and obviously Sony have picked up on that. They'll be popular in the mainstream world, "awwwh look, black kids, so adorable, so metal".I don't think they have the skill and/or songwriting talent to become popular with metal fans though. I need to know though...What exactly have they done of any worth that deserves a documentary? They're young and play instruments? So are a lot of other much more talented kids.
    Probably did something, otherwise Sony would be investing in those other kids instead of them. =)
    Gimmick. Plain and simple. There are a LOT of better bands out there that don't get a 2nd look. Maybe they can open for Baby Metal.
    Prroving my point...why isn't the article here titled "Unlocking the Truth to Be Subjects of Feature-Length Documentary. instead of Eighth Grade Metal Band to Be Subjects of Feature-Length Documentary
    i thought these kids were extremely inspiring. takes away the lame excuse for all the adults who are still playing in there bedroom.
    Seems like a risky venture for Sony...they have deep pockets but still.....I would doubt that they will bring anything close to $1.6 million back in record sales....a sausage fest for an audience, and young ones with no money = downloading. Sony probably get a large piece of the live business and merchandise as well. You can't sign a contract with a 12 year old so the parents probably saw the zeros and thought it was a good deal. A 12 year old mind is so far from being fully developed....the $60k is probably going entirely to studio time...hiring people to write songs. Who pumps that sort of cash into a group of kids who probably haven't even gone through puberty yet? They'll probably hire writers and producers who can make it radio friendly.
    And that will be ok, since even adults hire producers and writers. =P
    I see a lot of haters hating here, surprise. These kids are getting their 5 minutes, grats to them.
    You see, that's the issue, they're getting their 5 minutes... and that's it! They could hone their craft and become something that could last forever, but instead they got tempted by the massive wad of cash. Now, I'm not blaming the kids for that, any kid would do that, it's Sony's fault and in the end it'll ruin their career. They'll be popular while they're young, and then it will be over. On the bright side, they'll also be set for life by that point if it all goes to Sony's plan, but that's not the point.
    It is beyond cool to see a black afro kid with that metal look. I really hope they keep it up.
    They signed to Sony. It's just gonna turn them into generic cookie cutter garbage.
    So an 8th grade metal is getting a film made about them and you guys are saying they won't last and its a waste if money? Man I'm stoked for these guys. Its a metal band! Its not like they're some kind if One Direction ripoff. Shit, I'm sure most of you haven't even heard them yet. Don't knock this before youve seen it. And besides, they could be awesome. They may even be our very own metal Jackson 5!
    Second Rate
    Regurgitating a bit from an op-ed I wrote for another site.... These kids are too young to be signed to a recording contract. At this age they are still at the "ripping off your heroes" phase and still finding themselves as artists. They should be in the garage playing slapdash renditions of Megadeth and Motorhead tunes and just having fun with it, not worrying about paying gigs and having to sell 10 kajillion albums to avoid being dropped (the actual number is 250,000 i've heard, but hyperbole is fun). Yes, I know you're enjoying the novelty of little kids playing metal, but their age is the age of musical identity crises. These kids may not enjoy playing metal in a year's time, but if the first record they cut is metal and it sells... Sony will likely lean on them to keep playing the same stuff, potentially killing these kids' love of music in general. This whole thing just makes me sickened at Sony. If they're still around in five years time, a little more developed as writers and as players, and making killer metal music... then I will congratulate them. This just makes me think that Sony are engaging in a mild form of child exploitation.
    knowing the behind-the-scenes of the Jackson 5, let's hope it never comes to that.
    Racist people don't like to see blacks that are more successfull than them.
    Good luck to them but I'm a bit wary of them being signed to a major record label. They're going to get turned into cash cows.