Election Day: Meet The Candidates

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Election Day: Meet The Candidates
It's election day in the US, and by all accounts it's a pretty close race. With a 50/50 split between voters, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are rushing around the last battleground states to win last-minute votes. If you're still undecided, here's our guide to what each President stands for, based on the latest data from ProCon.org.

Mitt Romney

, Republican In the red corner we have Mitt Romney, born in 1947 to Mormon parents and later became a businessman worth around $200 million. Romney draws controversy for his stance on abortion. He once said it should remain a legal option in America but changed his mind, and says parents should give permission before minors can have one. He believes the deficit should be reduced without raising taxes, which could win him many votes, but he could be lucky to achieve it. Somewhere along the line he wants the government to subsidize the big oil companies, and supports their aim to start drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Despite this, he has the ear of congress and appears more likely to push economic policies through. Supported by: Gene Simmons, Ted Nugent, Dave Mustaine

Barack Obama

, Democrat In the blue corner we have Barack Obama, the first black President. Born in Hawaii in 1961 (unless you're Dave Mustaine or Donald Trump, in which case he was born and raised in Kenya). He made it to the White House with a promise to change America. But whatever the reasons, many voters are disappointed that it couldn't be delivered in the way they expected. He wants the legal drinking age to stay at 21, and thinks felons should be given the right to vote. Unlike Romney, he's likely to raise taxes to help pay for the deficit. However, he's been pushing policies like Obamacare which would give basic healthcare to all Americans, and wants to increase financial aid for students. Supported by: Axl Rose, The National, Foo Fighters Whichever way you vote, just make sure you do it. There's nothing worse than wasting your rights. Which way will you vote today? Can you think of other reasons to help persuade your fellow UG readers? Share your viewpoints in the comments.
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