Elton John Helping To Save The HMV

Legendary singer steps in to help the struggling music retail chain.

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With HMV recently announcing additional store closings as an effort to end the financial struggle the company is currently going through, legendary musician Elton John has stepped in to help the retail chain with exclusive live performances.

The singer will therefore be playing a series in-store shows in order to attract customers, as well as remind everyone of the value the physical record has. He also went on to suggest that other musicians should do the same and make their effort to help save the HMV.

"We've got lot of artist support for HMV. Last week one of our biggest global superstars said why don't we get a lot of the biggest artists to start doing gigs in HMV, just to turn up and say these are music stores, come and get your music here", said David Joseph, CEO of Universal UK.

"Elton has always been a big supporter of record shops. He will be doing something with HMV although as yet we cannot confirm what or when that would be", the singer's spokesman Gary Farrow tells the Guardian.

So the question still remains - are physical records simply doomed? Has their time passed or do you think they still stand a chance? Nevertheless, props to Elton John for giving a helping hand, right? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    "Saving the CD" is just the branding for saving HMV. I've said it before and I've said it again, HMV are rip-off merchants. People haven't stopped shopping there cos they want to download music, they've stopped shopping there because the prices are about twice as high as other record shops.
    Really cool idea. If they're smart they won't release any info, just say sometime, in some HMV store somewhere Elton John will do a surprise show. I'd hang out all day waiting to see him there.
    how would you know though, if it's a surprise show...?
    Wouldn't, that's why I'd have to stick around all day. And the next day. And the next day. And then I'd get fired from my job. And then I'd be back at HMV the next day. And the next day.
    Why should it be saved? Let it die. Rip off shop who didn't adapt. I thought I'd be cut up that I'd nowhere left to browse, then I realised, HMV has been shite for years.
    Rip off shop? You call 2 albums for 10 dollars a rip off? You must be so used to downloading everything for free that the thought of paying any amount of money sounds like a rip off to you.
    They also tried adapting by expanding some stores into Gaming stores which had internet cafe style places you could play consoles online. And before they got shut down a lot of the main stores have expanded to do a lot more technological stuff like headphones and doing more merch like shirts, mugs and posters.
    really it's a shame to see it go, however that gift card scam and that's what it was(waiting a short period of time after Christmas to say they will not homour gift cards) does this make HMV worthy of saving?
    Scam? How exactly was it a scam? They started accepting gift cards again after about a week. They made no money from it. Had they completely stopped accepting them and run off with everyone's money then yes, it would have been a scam, but given the circumstances, I fail to see how you could call it a scam.