Elvenking: Studio Report

artist: Elvenking date: 06/04/2007 category: music news
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The webmaster of the Italian Folk Power Metallers Elvenking, made the following announcement on their official site, regarding the updates from the recordings of their new album, which is scheduled to be released in the end of 2007: "On the Studio Report page you can find a final report about the recordings and mixing of the upcoming album with various thoughts about the style and the musical direction of the songs. In this long report, the band also explain the concept of the album that will be about Death and discusses lyrics and songwriting process. Check also the Gallery Page for new pictures. "In other news Elvenking have completed the first shooting day for the video of the song "The Divided Heart" , from the upcoming new album. The guys were in Turin yesterday, and shot all the band scenes. Next week, there will be two more days where the story behind the video will be developed. The video is directed by Mirco Andreis (Eldritch, Macbeth, Disarmonia Mundi etc.). More news and a lot of pictures will be uploaded soon. "In the next future you can also expect a full video report of the recordings (and more pictures) and the Title and Cover of the new album, finally revealed by the band... so keep on the visiting the site 'cause in the next days, lots of things will happen!" Thanks for the info to Metalstorm.ee.
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