Elvis Died of Heart Disorder?

Scientists making a TV series say they’ve found evidence that Elvis Presley died due to an undetected lifelong heart disorder rather than to his unhealthy lifestyle.

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Elvis Presley died in 1977, aged 42, after becoming addicted to prescription drugs and junk food. But a new investigation has suggested he was suffering from hypertropic cardiomyopathy, which causes heart failure by weakening the organ's muscle, Classic Rock reports.

Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, a specialist based in Kansas City, examined DNA extracted from a strand of Presley's hair which had been kept by his barber.

He found evidence of variations in the genes known to cause the heart condition, and others that may have contributed to the weight, headache and eyesight problems Elvis suffered towards the end of his life.

Kingsmore says: "There had been so much speculation about cause of death and so much ill spoken of his lifestyle. We had this intriguing finding that, possibly, Elvis had a medical illness.

"All the stuff about how he killed himself with his lifestyle might have been very unfair."

Full results of the investigation will be revealed in the first episode of the Channel 4 series Dead Famous DNA, broadcast tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm.

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    "Dead Famous DNA" - what a horrifically insensitive name for a show, just another way to make money from dead celebrities, no ounce of sympathy for any loved ones that might still be alive...
    This is the kind of thing that I'll never understand. Regardless of the way that Elvis chose to live his life, and regardless of how he died, I just appreciate what he did when he was alive. Nobody is perfect.
    I don't believe this for a second. Elvis was swallowing fists full of dilaudid, codeine, amphetamines, benzos, etc etc, all day every day. It was almost a miracle he survived as long as he did.
    Of course Elvis died of a heart condition. It's called "A Shit-tonne of fat in your arteries" disorder.
    I don't want to be disrespectful to Elvis in any way but... who the **** cares by now? leave the memory of the King rest in peace, how he died wont matter, he died period.
    Haha. Okay... He might had genetic signs of a heart condition! BUT! - let's be fair about the thing about Junk Food, Medicins, other hard drugs, a lot of alcohol, the stress that surely comes with being such succesfull etc. has pushed it a bit? Just a little bit?... Maybe it wasn't that unfair, Dr. Kingsmore
    "All the stuff about how he killed himself with his lifestyle might have been very unfair." Bad nutrition and bad drug habits lead to an early grave if engaged in consistently enough. I imagine with how famous he was he chose to avoid neither at any given point. I really don't think it's unfair doctor, really, I have a hard time trusting doctors on a lot of things after I was told I'd be okay to walk myself 6 miles to hospital for an overdose - I ended up collapsing about 5 minutes up the road. FU medical science.
    Mr Winters
    Really? After almost 40 years we're still investigating how he died? Who the fu ck cares?
    Addiction can affect anybody, let alone a guy who lost his twin brother at birth for starters, eventually becomes a huge star at a very young age. There were no such things as Rock stars yet Elvis had the job of defining what a Rock star is. There was much controversy. This is a guy who was the main influence for John Fucking Lennon. Managers and such demanded he perform, and seeking medical help to do so went on in the earliest days of Hollywood. Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in the 40s come to mind. They put speed in their food that they served at MGM Studios where the stars lived. Elvis might have actually trusted his doctors. He was a man of faith who was put into a role that no other human had yet been put into. I would hope UG would show Elvis some ****ing respect!