EMG Releases Zakk Wylde Limited Pickup Sets

To celebrate a 25 year association, the company and axeman collaborated to develop a limited run of signature sets from the Metal Works series.

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EMG Pickups releases Zakk Wylde Limited pickup sets.

To celebrate a 25 year association, the manufacturing company collaborated with the iconic axeman to develop a limited run of signature sets from the Metal Works series introduced earlier this year.

The ZW Set Limited consist of three of Zakk Wylde's iconic designs: the Bullseye, Vertigo, and Buzzsaw laser etched on either brushed black or brushed gold stainless steel caps.

The run is limited to 600 sets or 100 of each design and cap color.

Zakk took time to speak to EMGTV about how the limited set came about and give thanks.

For more information contact EMG Pickups.

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    regular EMG's just new designer covers. Zakk is the man, my all time fav. Been following him since "No rest" days. He will definitely should and hopefully will be in the hall of fame, even if you like him or not. Zakk is one of the last ones that still believe in traditional solo's in the music. Solo's are what makes the guitarist who and what they are really made of, my opinion only of course. There are a lot of great guitarist who just decide not to do solo's anymore because 1. it's not cool anymore 2. might be just lazy 3. just isn't up to speed anymore due to whatever reason i.e. age, lost a finger, etc.
    I agree with your statement, Zakk is a god among men when it comes to metal. He bucks the trend of modern music by having solos and other nuances in his music, because he truely understands 'music' and not what sounds good or profitable. EMG is a company that makes their money selling guitar pickups, and what's a better way to sell pickups? Stick a cool design on them and put Zakks name on the box... Genius!