Eminem Streams New Album 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2'

Fans can already get an early listen of rapper's long-awaited eighth studio album on iTunes.

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Renowned hip-hop artist Eminem is getting ready to release his new album on November 5th, but fans can already get an early listen over on iTunes, where the record is streaming in full. According to a Rolling Stone preview, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" opens with a fit of bloodlust and revenge - and not even the rapper's own. The first track, "Bad Guy," serves a second chapter to his acclaimed song "Stan," in which the obsessed fan's little brother rises up to kidnap Eminem and complete his own gory joyride around Detroit. The virulent rapper also gets twitchy and boastful about his khakis, of all things, on "Berzerk" - a nod to classic hip-hop clearly influenced by album co-producer Rick Rubin - and flashes a fine Yoda impression on "Rhyme or Reason." "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" is already faring well on the charts: "The Monster" features a guest spot from Rihanna and has already peaked at the top of the Billboard 200. Other artist cameos include Kendrick Lamar, fun. singer Nate Ruess and Skylar Grey. Last night, Grey and Rubin joined Eminem during his performances of "Berzerk" and "Survivor" on Saturday Night Live, both of which you can check below. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 isn't necessarily a sequel to the first Mathers disc, as Eminem explained to Rolling Stone recently. "As much as it is a revisitation – like this is a different time period in my life. So there's not gonna be like, continuations of every song or anything like that," he said. "To me, it's more about the vibe and the nostalgia. One of my favorite new things to do is experiment with new, older breakbeats and sounds and sh-t like that. You know, retro sh-t, and try to make it current, like bring it up to date."

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    Hate rap all you want, but you can't ignore the lyrical mastery that Eminem has. He has a way of playing on words that is unmatched in that genre.
    There is no denying his lyrical talent, one of the best, but to be fair 99% of modern rap/hiphop is money, bitches and clubs. Refreshing to hear genuine lyrics.
    if thats all you hear, try some odd future guys, madvillain and kanye. the lyrics of those guys would blow your mind once you start unpacking them
    You're joking about Kanye right? His lyrics are even more pointless than bitches and money. Hes just a gay fish.
    lol just from the "gay fish XD" i know you've never heard a kanye song. Seriously, listen to power, jesus walks, diamonds from sierra leone and gorgeous and tell me he doesnt have meaningful lyrics. he doesnt have 3 of the most acclaimed albums of the decade on metacritic for no reason
    Obviously it's largely a matter of opinion, but this guy makes a pretty decent argument in favor of Eminem being one of the best lyricists ever:
    This was probably true circa 2001. His wordplay and lyricism has steadily declined since then. He's still good! Just not as great as he was.
    there's MUCH MUCH more lyrical rappers than eminem. listen to more of the genre.
    Eminems lyrical talent is amazing no one can deny that, but i wouldnt say unmatched, take a listen to childish gambino, his word play is great! Dude is super talented, hes also an actor, a writer, a stand up comedian, a producer, and a rapper of course. His real name is donald glover, i suggest listening to his song freaks and geaks. Ur welcome
    Yeah it takes a lot of talent to sing "my name is my name" and sound like Urekel at the same time
    Rock has far better lyricists. I'm not saying he's bad, but put him next to Neil Peart or Geezer Butler and he's a speck of dust in comparison. he is one of the better rappers though, I'll give him that.
    As a lyricist?? Neil F***ing Peart????? Are you joking?????
    a drummer
    well, to be fair, Neil penned most of Rush's songs. But his lyrics aren't that great...
    storytelling and lyricism are two different things, Neil can craft amazing stories, but the lyrics read like a book.
    Rap lyrics are good in a different way. More about metaphors. But if you're trying to make a point about rock having better lyrics, you could have used waaay better examples.
    "rock has far better lyricists" dude listen to yourself. rap is a genre based on lyricism. why are you listing neil peart and geezer anyway? in terms of lyricism even the best metal or rock artist wouldnt hold a candle to a good rapper
    You could have at least used someone like John Lennon or Roger Waters as an example of a good rock lyricist.
    As much as I love the greatness that is Rush, Neil Peart is far from an excellent lyricist. Especially when compared to Eminem.
    Some of the wordplay and vocabulary that rappers like Eminem, Notorious B.I.G. and Outkast deliver(ed) blow rock lyrics out of the water.
    The last ten years of Eminem's career has been very disappointing. At first it was lazy lyrics and uninspired music. Later he got his rap skills back but the music was way to overproduced. I swear, I'm not Afraid could double as a commercial for Pro Tools. Rick Rubin is handling the controls which is promising. Its fair to say that Rubin hasn't been apart of a great album since Toxicity. But he has done a good job resurrecting artists back to their former selves. Rubin gets 90% of the credit for making Metallica good again. Thats what the MM2 seems to be: getting Em back to his roots and doing an old school hip hop album. MMLP is probably in my top 20 hip hop albums -- usually hovering around 17 --. Lyrically and musically its a bit dated but Em transcends that by making the great pissed off teenager album of the decade.
    Eminem may be the only current rapper I actually enjoy. The Eminem Show is one of my favourite all time albums.
    these days he is the only one that raps that is still pretty mainstream (on Hollands radio anyway) Some other rappers get in the mainstream by doing a ft. like 2chainz for example. I loved the older rap (not the REAL old skool) with 50 cent, g-unit, D12, The Game, Eminem, maybe even BoB I never really got into hiphop but those artists are/were good in my head
    Is Dre doing his beats again? They were just a great pairing on Eminems first three albums. If he isn't I'd be reluctant to give it many listens.
    I'm actually quite a fan of rap, especially stuff like Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Dr Dre, Ice Cube and yes even Kanye But to be perfectly honest Eminem has just never done it for me *shrugs
    For anyone interested in this album, you should definitely check out Bad Guy; the lyrics are chilling. You don't have to enjoy rap to appreciate Eminem, he's just an unparalleled lyrical mastermind. And it's always good to keep an open mind.
    and why is this even mentioned on a guitar website?
    "Guitar" may be part of its name, but UG is, above all, a destination to share news on music.
    Because some people like variety in their music, not just rock and metal. I know most genres use guitar, but lets be realistic, mot people who make that exact comment are here for rock or metal.
    Comeback Kiddd
    Pretty disappointing for an eminen album. His rapping is weird in this album and ending some lines with fragments making it sound off as well as the timing being a bit long makin it a drag for some.
    Tomo-J · Nov 04, 2013 01:57 PM
    Can someone please answer me why this is on UG?
    Because it's music news. Sure, this is a guitar-oriented website, but believe it or not some people who play guitar have a variety of musical interests. If you don't have an interest in the article, don't click the link. It's that simple.
    Jeez man, you don't have to take it so personally. I just figured that a site called "Ultimate Guitar" would focus on all kinds of music that have something (anything at all) to do with actual instruments. How does news about Metallica, Megadeth, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath and others get mixed with news about Eminem streaming his new rap album?
    I'm not even knocking Eminem. When I used to listen to rap and r&b (before seeing the light ), I was a big fan of his. Even today I have a lot of respect for him ... but with all due respect, this article just doesn't belong here
    all I gotta say is..... 97 words in 15 seconds.... lyrical genius.... best rapper ever!!!! the album is awesome!!!
    I would be up for hearing this but after seeing him at Reading with a really short, really uninspiring performance I'll probably think again.
    travislausch [w] · Nov 04, 2013 02:17 PM