Eminem Sues Apple Over Lose Yourself

Eminem is suing Apple for using his hit Lose Yourself in a TV advert without permission.

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Eminem is suing Apple for using his hit Lose Yourself in a TV advert without permission.

He claims copyright infringement over an ad for the Apple iTunes' download music store on MTV last year. It featured a young boy singing along to Lose Yourself while playing an iPod.

"At no time did Apple, Chiat/Day or MTV receive authorisation or permission to record, reproduce, perform, transmit, copy, use or otherwise exploit the composition for any purpose," said the lawsuit.

"Defendants have acted intentionally, recklessly, willfully and in bad faith."

The lawsuit went on to say that Eminem has never endorsed any product but if he did it would be for in excess of £6 million.

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    6 Mill for endorsing a product? Who does he think he is? Only little "Homie-wannabeez" like him enough to but what he advertises, and "dey ain't gots no moolah" He sues like he needs the money!! HA!! If he wasn't so outspoken, he'd be lost in the sea of wannabees, so he chose to be outspoken to get ahead, and he acts like it's his real attitude. CRAP!! I can sit down and plan the best way to become big, and then "create" myself to become that image. You're glass, Eminem , we see straight thru you, and if you step up to us, with no "possee", we smash you like glass, too. Peace
    Eminem is a disgrace to white people (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RACIST STATEMENT...) rap is for retards, and he is definitely a retard! Why did Apple iTunes wanna get someone to sing a Eminem crap, anyways?? Eminem is unholy, decaying pile of mutant s***!!
    the majority of the people who have left messages on this site are absolute idiot obviously you have a miniscule amount of brain cells eminem is one of the greatest rappers ever and is a genius compared to the shit you listen to is not even on the same level as many of eminems songs and if you believe that fred durst is better than eminem then you obviously have downs syndrome. futhermore i have no idea how you can say that eminem is a disgrace to white people he is one of very few amazing white rappers and people who wear make up and look like they have not had their hair cut ever are the disgrace. i bet anyone on this site to find a rock song with the same level of lyrical content as an eminem song if you can be bothered you stupid ****ing hippies.
    ChronoReaper: eminem sucks balls he should get the death threat not justin from the darkness lol yea totaly i dont know what song it is if its loose yourself or what ever crappy piece of s**** he comes up with but the cheap rip off of aerosmith-dream on indeed he should recieve a death threat instead of justin y would any one want to freak out the front man of one of the greatest bands at this moment?
    erhm y is everyone talking bout m'n'm he sucks,even durst is better than him
    Leave Eminem alone, he has a right to get his 6 million. Don't be such jealous losers. p.s gnrfan69 if you think fred durst is better you are obviously psycho.xox
    Well let me be the first to say that Eminem DOES NOT suck and if any of you actually listened to a little rap, you would appreciate that he is one of the few artists that are any good out there nowadays. I'm really glad to hear that Eminem did not actually endorse that commercial, though I'm pretty confused as to why the F did Apple think they could use his song in their ad without any permission at all. There must be something behind that. Anyway, I'd like to see how this turns out. Oh yeah, Em kicks Durst's ass any day. Download "Turn Me Loose" If you don't beleive me.
    This happened YEARS ago... This threat is trapped in the past with no way of proceeding... Better to be forgotten...
    6 million dollars for 10 seconds of a song in a commercial, where's this world going to, where's your crisis now, where's your "we artists lose money to downloading" now.