Enter Shikari: 'Mitt Romney Is The Most Dangerous Person In The World'

artist: Enter Shikari date: 11/01/2012 category: music news
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Enter Shikari: 'Mitt Romney Is The Most Dangerous Person In The World'
British band Enter Shikari have stepped into the US election debate, branding Mitt Romney as "dangerous" and President Obama as a "liar." They raised the topic when NME asked them who the most dangerous man in the world is. Vocalist Rou Reynolds singled out Mitt Romney, and added: "With the US elections, I can't believe Mitt Romney is a possibility to run a country that size. Or any size." Reynolds says he was originally swept up in Obama-fever after his election, but has since retracted his support and is disillusioned with politics as a whole: "I'm starting to realize that politics just repeats itself. People get elected. They lie. They say they're gonna do this, that they won't do that. "One of the big Obama things for me is he was gonna close Guantanamo Bay but he hasn't done anything. And he's increased the foreign wars the US are leading, and introduced drone warfare, which is a new beast terrifying Pakistan. So many civilians killed." Is Rou right about politics? Will the US have to vote for the lesser of two evils, or is real change possible with the right government? Share your opinions and hopes in the comments.
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