Evidence Against Varg is 'Thin,' Says Vikernes' Former Lawyer

"He seemed very nice towards the children," adds the arrested singer's neighbor.

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Former defense attorney of Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes, John Christian Elden, gave his opinion on the singer's recent arrest, pointing out that the evidence against Vikernes is "thin."

As previously reported, Varg was arrested in France under "suspicion he was preparing a major terrorist act," as the government had linked him with the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik responsible for the July 2011 Oslo massacre. "It's less than what Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) tend to have every time they arrest Islamists in Norway and release them a short time later," Elden added (via Blabbermouth).

The lawyer also stated that his former client "has expressed extreme views on race mixing for several years, built on Norse teachings." Meanwhile, the French news bureau AFT revealed that the singer was under surveillance for several years, but it was the purchase of weapons by Varg's wife Marie Cachet that had the official investigation kicked off. The investigation also established that the wife had a legal firearms permit as she bought the four rifles.

Varg's neighbor Natalie Langlad revealed that the arrest had shocked her, as she described Vikernes to NRK as a "family man" living a peaceful life with wife and children.

"[Vikernes] went often wore military apparel," Langlad said. "But the area here is known for hunting so it's not so unusual that he would go out wearing hunting clothes."

"He seemed very nice and attentive towards the children," the neighbor added.

The singer's link to the mass murderer is based on the fact that Vikernes had received a copy of Breivik's manifesto. However, Varg has previously condemned the killer's 2011 actions on his official website, calling Breivik the "main problem for Europe, because guys like you allow the Jews to run Europe into the ditch. The Jews would not have been able to do anything to us if it hadn't been for Christian losers like you!"

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    i doubt he had any form of terrorist attack in mind, though that doesnt change the fact that this dude is pretty messed in the head.
    Could somebody enlighten me as to why the metal world loves this guy so much? I honestly don't understand. Sure, he makes good music, but he seems like a real ass
    There are metal ans who love him and those who don't. He killed Euronymous, and that is a big deal for some. Anyway, as the guy above says, you should try to put the music first. Lots of musicians you like could be even worse people and you just might not know that.
    Because some people are smart enough to put the music in first place. If you want likeable personalities, I heard those One Direction guys are pretty nice with people.
    We don't, we maybe make light of him and joke using his image (mainly due to his evil nature, yet lack of fear to smile and look as happy as a baby with keys,as seen in the article image), but the only people who respect varg as a person are the people who share his ****ed views.
    Good music? black metal music blows, it's just awful noise with bad production, and the lyrics are about the same thing.
    This guy, don't be this guy. anyway, took me 1.5 seconds to think of a handful of bands that contradict your statement, in fact, I'll use one that worships the man at hand!
    Do you even listen to black metal? Look up Alcest, Ne Obliviscaris, Enslaved, and Cormorant. All four of those bands don't sound anything like that or even like each other. Also their lyrics are quite a bit different (although Alcest is French, so I don't actually know what they're saying).
    A family man who, ya know, stabbed a guy 23 times because his paranoid schizophrenic delusions led him to believe said man was going to kill him first. But, he is great with the kids :/
    In Varg's defense, however, all the other members of Mayhem admit that Euronymous did make death threats against Varg (and lots of other people as well) and that he should have known that Varg would take him seriously.
    And after spending all those years in prison for killing Euronymous, he's back in trouble again? Guess he doesn't value his freedom more than his crazy points of view...
    I don't think Varg was actually planning anything, all I've heard is that people were suspecting him of it probably based on his views.
    Describing Varg as a "family man" is like describing Hitler as a beauty stylist.
    Dude, Hitler kinda was a beauty stylist. That mustache inspires so many women when they shave... that place y'know.
    or do you mean painter? seem's like a better description as both are technicly true.