Ex-Anthrax Guitarist Rob Caggiano Joins Volbeat

Following the departure from Anthrax, Rob Caggiano joins Volbeat after having produced their upcoming album titled "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies".

Ultimate Guitar

Following the event of Caggiano leaving Anthrax last month, many Anthrax fans surely wondered where Caggiano's next musical outlet would take place.

Now, UG can reveal to both fans of Rob Caggiano and Volbeat alike, that Caggiano now has joined Volbeat as a lead guitarist. He was originally only supposed to produce their new album titled "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" alonside their long-time producer Jacob Hansen (responsible for producing their four previous albums). All this was revealed in a Facebook post by the band:

"The band is very proud and happy to announce that he will also be the new guitar player in Volbeat. The collaboration with Rob in the studio was so inspiring and in good spirit that we the decided to keep him. Basically we went into the studio as a three piece and came out as a whole band!"

The facebook post also had Rob's thoughts on it where he revealed how it came to be:

"Wow! I have to say I'm completely blown away by the turn of events over the last few weeks here in Denmark and at this point an update is definitely in order. To start with, I came to Denmark about a month ago to produce the new Volbeat record which in and of itself has been an incredibly exciting adventure from a producer's perspective thus far. However, I'm extremely happy to say my relationship with these guys will not end there as it turns out... it's just beginning!"

Volbeat singer/rythm-guitarist Michael Poulsen also revealed that the upcoming album was inspired by the wild west, saying:

"Half of the album tracks will take you into the world of outlaw gunslinger stories sometime in the 1800s. Some of the characters are true legends, while others are fiction. The listener will hear inspiration from classic spaghetti western movies which gives you a clue to the album title and cover artwork."

This marks the leave of former lead-guitarist Thomas Bredahl, but the addition of Rob Caggiano is probably welcomed by fans of Volbeat.

What are your thoughts on this? Good, bad or simply awesome? Let us know in the comments!

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    Volbeat is a pretty great band name. Now I have the urge to create a band names Illumise. Then, we must tour. God, I'm such a nerd.
    Wish Rob was still in Anthrax, but not disappointed he joined Volbeat, I dig them.
    This is a great matchup. Volbeat has really shown their potential lately and Rob will make this endeavor PURE GOLD.
    my good friend is their drum tech. great guys, and they're touring all over the world. they may not be much in the states but they're big overseas
    F*ck, that's a shame... was hoping that Rob would use his potential for something better than joining a boring band whose singer tries to sound like a complete James Hetfield rip-off. But hey, if he's happy with it, all the best of luck to him.
    Other than the fact that this singer is AMAZING. Live the guy is insane. HAters gonna hate!
    Since you have Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance among your ideals, I understood you'd say that.
    Interesting choice by Rob. I wonder if they're going to let him play solos. Very few Volbeat songs have guitar solos and the few that do, if I'm not mistaken, are all played by Poulsen
    The clue is that the article says he's joining as LEAD guitarist
    The article also refers to Thomas Brendahl as the former LEAD guitarist and he really wasn't
    I wrote this and Thomas Brendahl was the former Lead guitarist, Your confusion could be the result of that Michael Poulsen took lead guitar duty on the Us tour when Brendahl's visa got denied. they shared the solo duties a bit when I saw them two years ago in Sweden though.