Ex-Breaking Benjamin Drummer Sues Band

Former Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel filed suit against his former band-mates.

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Former Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel filed suit against his former band-mates last week saying they unjustly kicked him out of the group and have refused to share profits from songs he helped make.

The suit lists eleven counts against guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Burnley, guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski with each count requesting at least $750,000 in damages. The band's manager, Larry Mazer, and ABC Corporation are also named in the suit.

In March 2004 Hummel requested a paternity leave of four to six weeks to be with his wife for the birth of their first child. The band agreed and a substitute was hired. In September 2004, he was kicked out of the band. Hummel does not receive any royalties from "We Are Not Alone" which he co-authored, nor does he receive any profits from the two tracks that were released for the "Halo 2" video game and the "National Treasure" soundtrack.

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    A Warm Place
    He helped write the songs, so he deserves his share of the profit. I can see why he sued them. These guys are coming here (Chattanooga) soon, but this makes me not want to see them as much.
    hell yea....screw anybody that doesnt like breaking benjamin and trashes them... its fine to not like them but dont talk crap. i guess all yall pussies who like to talk trash about bands yall dont like dont have anything better to do. seriously u know ill agree if he co-authored the stuff he should get a portion, but its hard to know what really happened since both sides are prolly gonna say two different things. i dont really care though, im not interested in those kinda matters im interested in the music
    f u c k all of you m o t h e r f u c k e r s who don't like breaking benjamin, ur all fags. breaking benjamin kicks ass, and any douchebag who says differently can suck on george bush's cock. and i think that thats really f u c k e d up of ben, he should at least give him wat he earned
    Breaking Benjamin in my opinion is single-handedly the most AWSOME band formed. Sure, just cause they booted their drummer doesnt mean that they are bad. If you dont like them, then DONT LISTEN TO THEM!
    Breaking Benjamin sucks really bad and they make me enduce vomit. Because of they're crappy repetitive lyrics and stupid guitar parts, you will someday all have a disease that will make you more stupid than that whole band is. It's deuchebags like you guys who get bands with no talent to #1
    I hope he sues them until they are so broke they can't continue being a band...then he should go nuts burn EVERY copy of their cd's, and kill himself and his former band mates in the fire...And the world will move on and everyone will be happy for knowing that their is NO Breaking Bejamin anymore...
    Well, you know the stereotype, drummers are stupid, maybe that's it. I'm not saying he is of course. If he really did help write those songs, then he really should get at least a little bit of the money.
    im not mental
    you're a retard and no one likes you. anyway, that's pretty mean of ben. he should share the money.
    what *****s,sounds like the same thing nickelback did to their drummer. what is with bands firing their drummers?!?!
    hope he gets somewhere that not fair on him that he co wrote song and doesn't get any of the profit from em
    so i heard from a friend that is very uneducated about the music world that this band is good. i say bull. this is one of the most talentless bands ive ever heard. it sounds like they try so hard to be good, and fail horribly. they should do the world a favor and shoot this band in the head to put it out of its misery. all supporters of this band are homos.